Welcome to the Old Cottonians Association of BCS Simla India!

The  alumni website for the Old Cottonians Association [OCA] of Bishop Cotton School Simla India registered and started on 8th of May 2002

The OCA was officially started on 13th May 1910 when 17 Old Cottonians assembled in the Freemason’s Hall in Simla. However, it is interesting to note that the first gathering of OC’s was in 1878 when 28 old Cottonians attended the First Founder’s Day function ever to be celebrated. This was held on the 27th of July as 28th fell on a Sunday. These OC’s sat at the High Table for the meal that followed the function.

One of the oldest boarding schools in Asia: Bishop Cotton School Shimla was founded on 28th July 1859 by Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton, son of an Army Captain, who died leading his Regiment in battle. A scholar of Westminster and a graduate of Cambridge, in 1836 he was appointed Assistant Master at Rugby by Doctor Thomas Arnold, one of the founders of the British Public School system. It was the young Mr. Cotton who is spoken of as the “the model young master” in Thomas Hughes’ famous book “Tom Brown’s School Days”.

BCS celebrated 150 years in 2009 and The Old Cottonians Association completed 100 years in 2010.