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OLD COTTONIAN Sodhi Vikram Singh – Sri Anandpur Sahib Wale – receiving and honouring the Archbishop of Canterbury

Sodhi Vikram Singh- Sri Anandpur Sahib Wale receiving and honouring the Archbishop of Canterbury who is the Head of the Church of England-Protestant Church at the Darbar Sahib Complex of Harmandir Sahib. He is on a visit to celebrate the 550 years birth celebrations of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Sending out a strong global message of the relevance of interfaith dialogue and universal brotherhood. Sarbat da Bhalla as enunciated by Baba Nanak and the central message of the Sikh Faith, in these times of suspicion and global conflict…..

Honouring his holiness and explaining key tenants of the Sikh Faith prior to his visit to Darbar with the Jathedar Akal Takhat Sahib at the information centre, Harminder Sahib.

Beautiful Emotional Tonic to the Heart and Soul. Well done! you perform these extraordinary gestures with selfless commitment for the love of all.

Also seen in the photo is Bishop Samantaroy, Chairman Board of Governors BCS Shimla.

[courtesy Vivek Bhasin]

Cottonian Polo Team Plays in Hawaii USA

As part of the celebrations  to commemorate the 40th year of the class of ’71 passing out of BCS, I led my polo team called the ‘Cottonian Polo Team’ to play an Invitational International Polo tournament in Hawaii, USA from 25 Aug to 5 Sept, 2011. The final match played on Sunday 4th Sept was won by the ‘Cottonian Polo Team’ against the local favorites the  ‘Hawaii Polo Club Team’ by a nail biting 9-8 goal score line. The match was keenly contested by both teams & played in a fast paced encounter on the beautiful Hawaii Polo Ground located on the beach of the famous North Shore of Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii. This match was the Grand Finale event of the Hawaii Polo season & was watched by a record crowd of over 3,000 spectators, enjoying the polo, after polo party, a sky diving display & the festive atmosphere. I will be sending pictures of the match later, to be posted here.

Best Regards
Vikram Sodhi [C 62-71]

BCS Sesquicentennial Jubilee Polo Cup – 2009

BCS Sesquicentennial Jubilee Polo Cup  – Barbados Polo Team Vs Cottonian Polo Team

BCS Sesquicentennial Jubillee Polo Cup 2009 was played at Delhi on 24th October, 2009.
Regards – Vikram Sodhi  C1962-71

Barbados Polo Team
Ms Vicky Gonsalves -1 goal
Mr. IJ Singh +0 goal
Mr. Jeff Evelyn +1 goal
Mr. Stephan Williams +1 goal
Total +1 goal

Cottonian Polo Team
Mr. Mahesh -2 goal
Mr. Sumer Singh +0 goal
Mr. Rohan Saharan +0 goal
Mr.Vikram Sodhi +1 goal
Total -1 goal

Mr. Brian Alexander
Mr Philippe Crae
Col (Rtd) Raj Kalaan
Mr Arun Kapur



Congratulations Cottonian team!
For those who might be interested, Vikram Sodhi also runs the “Cafe Polo” which is located at
19/48, Community Centre, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021, India. Phone 011 26112417?.




BCS Sesquicentennial Jubilee Polo Cup 2009

BCS Sesquicentennial Jubilee Polo Cup 2009

Saturday, 24th October 2009

Lunch at Anandpur Polo Estate, Noida [adjoining Jindal Polo Ground] – 1230-1430 hrs

Start of 1st Polo Match Play [‘Anandpur Polo Cup’] – 1500 hrs

Start of 2nd Polo Match Play [BCS Sesquicentennial Jubilee Polo Cup 2009] – 1600 hrs


Prize Distribution – 1715 hrs

Guests are cordially requested to be seated for Polo by 1415 hrs
Hon’  Mr. Naveen Jindal – Member of Parliament
Mr. Vikram Singh Sodhi

requests the pleasure of
your company to witness

BCS Sesquicentennial Jubilee Polo Cup 2009
Anandpur Polo Cup

Saturday, 24th October 2009
The Jindal Polo Ground
Noida, Delhi NCR

Mr. Vinod Sharma
Mob +91 9818590077
Email kinnarpsindia@gmail.com

OC’s derisious of attending this fun event can contact Vikram Singh Sodhi at kinnarpsindia@gmail.com  for a Map with directions to the venue.