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Sharing some BCS memories – Rohan Charanji [Curzon 2006]

Hi there

Sharing some images I have with me.
From my dad Ravi Charanji 69 and me Rohan Charanji 06

Thanks and be well

We’ve asked Rohan to send in a mail with names of the persons who appear in the photos and possibly the year in which each was taken. Those who know Ravi and Rohan will recognize them immediately and also be able to identify many others….

Ravi Charanji / Curzon 1964-1969 / passed-on

Dear OCs

We are saddened to announce that RAVI CHARANJI passed on at New Delhi India this morning after he took ill suddenly and various complications caused multiple organs failure.

He is survived by his wife, Kavita, his son and daughter Rohan [also an OC] and Aditi. Kavita and Aditi are in Delhi while Rohan is in China and will arrive India shortly.

Further details about the funeral and ceremony will be posted here as soon as we have the information.


Cremation at 230PM at Lodhi crematorium on 13th November.

Prayer Meet at Vasant Vihar Gurudwara on 14th November at 4PM.