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Peter Stringer Esq. Funeral 03 Sept 2020

Funeral 03 Sept 2020
His grandson Ryan Stringer whom I first met in 2000 (now a fine looking gentleman) read  our BCS school prayer which his Grandad ( Peter) would’ve liked.  Ryan also wore Peter Sahib’s OCA UK Tie (that he designed whilst I was in the UK), BCS tie bar and cufflinks (pic attached).
Peter was cremated wearing his BCS Blazer, OCA UK  tie and BCS tie bar.
The family expressed immense gratitude to see the School
Flag at half mast, a lovely touch and well received by all members. Explicitly Thanking Director Simon Weale för this gesture that coincided with the nation mourning the passing of President Pranab Mukerjee.
Warmest Wishes and Kindest Regards
Vivek Bhasin
Lefroy House

Dear Maggie,

Our thoughts are with you and all your family, as we bid farewell to Peter and give our thanks for his life, with his dedication and love for BCS and his many friends from there. He will be remembered and missed by us all.
We are sorry not to be there with you, to pay him our last respects. May your many happy memories together, give you strength to bear your sad loss.

With our fondest love,

Gay and Christine xx

Dear Ryan,

I wanted to make sure our message to your Grandmother reached her, so I am forwarding the original message.
You will be reading a prayer from the School, which I am sure your Grandfather would have appreciated. We hope the Service goes well and really are sorry not to be with you.
Your Grandfather was a great friend to me and countless Old Cottonians, supporting and caring for them, as he did for his beloved School.
I will keep in touch with your Grandmother but need your confirmation of her ongoing address, telephone numbers and current e-mail.
With my fond good wishes to you and all your family,
Yours affectionately,
Gay Niblett
Dear all,

To keep you in the picture about Peter’s Funeral/Cremation today.
We have suffered the loss of a great friend and very special Old Cottonian.
Yours ever,


We bid farewell sadly to Peter Stringer / Lefroy 1943-47

Peter Arthur Stringer
18 February 1933 – 10 August 2020.

It is with the greatest sadness that I write to tell you that Peter Stringer died peacefully in hospital early on Monday 10th August. > We pass our deepest sympathies and condolences to all his family and pray for their strength and fortitude in these coming days. We shall miss him terribly.

I really only got to know Peter after coming back to England, though we feature in a photograph of the BCS Choir alongside each other – he is the one with the bow tie askew!

Peter was the beating heart of OCA(UK) during his more than 25 years as Hon. Secretary. His dedication was complete, and Maggie was by his side in support, always.  OCs came from all over the world to call on him, or to stay with him and Maggie when visiting England. They had an Open House for all OC s.  The highlight, prior to the Annual OCA(UK) Lunch in London on the last Saturday in June, was Peter and Maggie’s Lunch, held in their beautiful garden. Now, a treasured memory.
Peter was loved and knew so many OCs and could recount names and incidents across the large spectrum of life and times in BCS and if you wanted to know of or about BCS, or anyone from there, you could always turn to him for an answer.

Peter was also a consummate water colour artist, with beautiful paintings of birds and animals, which he sent out with his Christmas cards. An Exhibition of his work would be a joy to see.

This a cruel loss for his family and for OCs  around the world. But a man is not the Association. It is his work, dedication and enthusiasm, which he leaves behind as his legacy for all Old Cottonians – marked by the motto of the Founder of  BCS, Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton – Overcome Evil with Good.

Allan Gay Niblett

An Old Schoolboy

1943 to 1947 includes 5 years of my school life in Simla.   (Two years in Preparatory School in Chota Simla).   Now an Octogenarian does sum up many years ago.
Strangely enough its indelible imprint on my life leave clusters of fond memories.    Born a Christian of British parentage out in India I have always classed myself as Anglo-Indian.
However, after leaving India in 1956, on an Indian passport to go work for an American company in Iraq. I must begin to tell you the intrigue encounters of my national status. With the name Stringer, introduction to the many ex-pats was an amendment of the first degree to explain my clear English speaking accent.     Explaining my schooling up in the foothills of the Himalayas was at Bishop Cotton School, English founded educated discipline.
But in terror yet hilarious when Iraqi king & government was deposed by Col. Abdul Karim Kasim 1958 and I was detained at an internal checkpoint.      The bumbling guards could not make out from my documents if I was “Hollandee or Hindi.”

Moving on to London December 1958, the Cockney element could not tolerate my spoken English, by far, was clearer & well understood. How come life in old India was easier & better and the sun always shined!  Stone the crows what more could I say?

I seriously began to integrate me with England because of my family British background. Before career reassignments to Libya & Iran, I applied for a British passport and was denied.  Aware of my salary scale undervalued regardless of my well-advanced engineering skills drilling for groundwater.  I had to suffer, to teach drilling practice to other well-paid company fellows. Laughable to listen to some Americans sheer stupidly to ask if I was a US ‘Injun’. Including their wives, more so, taken with my quaint English accent coming from the East.

All throughout my working life and on holiday, countries around the Mediterranean I was forever accepted as local and treated with hospitable kindness.                                                     I say with pride my School motto “Overcome evil with Good” brought me safely where I am today.  You must be proud of dear Patina too.

Peter Stringer Lefroy

Sponsor an Indian Tiger in memory of Arthur Jones who died on June 11th 2020 of old age

Weʼre raising £250 to Sponsor an Indian Tiger at Shepreth Wildlife Park for a year, in memory of Arthur Jones who died on June 11th 2020 of old age.

We are hoping to raise enough money to Adopt an Indian tiger at Shepreth Wildlife Park, In memory of Arthur Jones, a Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad, Brother, Uncle and friend to many. Who died of Old Age on 11th June 2020

Dad was born in India in 1933 and always had a passion for wildlife, he loved watching wildlife programmes and even stayed in a tiger park on one of his visits back to India with his wife, my Mum Shirley.

Due to Zoos lack of income in the present climate, they may struggle to maintain the livelihood of these magnificent animals, we thought this would be an apt way to remember Dad

Arthur’s final goodbye was held at the Fulborne Cemetary.
Julie had arranged and accepted 30th June – Shirley & Arthur’s wedding anniversary
Arthur was laid side by Shirley & late eldest daughter Lisa’s family plot.  Bless em.
End of an era.
Peter Stringer