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OCs vs OSs Futsal match at Kathmandu

OCA Nepal is proud to announce a friendly Futsal match, the first one ever, between Old Cottonians and Old Sanawarians of Nepal. We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage participation by OCs and OSs to play and to cheer.

  • Match Day: 24 June 2017, Saturday
  • Time: 10:00am
  • Venue: Grassroots Recreation Center, Mandikatar, Kathmandu, Nepal

For more information, contact: OCAnepal@gmail.com

Thank you.

Ayush Rajbhandari

Global List of all Old Cottonians

Dear Old Cottonians near and far…
Having being assigned the task by OCA President Justice R.S.Sodhi of making a global list of all of us::

In about 20 lines, writing in:

  • where your life took you..
  • what successes you achieved be they materialistic, spiritual, political, academic, your profession, or simply put, good clean honest existence.
  • what BCS meant for you
    ….lots of good humour, lots of great writing…!!
  • ending with your name, years in School (passing out year and in which Class/Batch), House and Roll Number and latest contact ( website etc)


The intention to create a further bonding of strong brotherhood among Old Cottonians and let the world know how really special and unique we all are….The intention is to compile a wonderful reference book for all of us to indulge in. In this changing and challenging world we should network to achieve even greater success measured on our own terms.

I would request kindly a first deadline of 30 September 2017 and look forward to all of us coming forward in this Grand Project.

I Thank You for being the pulse of the Greatest English Public School that others wish to imbibe but can never achieve…


  • please do spread this request through your WhatsApp OC groups, Face Book and Instagram accounts.
  • communicate with Vivek at: oldcottoniansbcs@gmail.com and/or +919899561236 (WhatsApp and FaceTime)

Ever Sincerely
Vivek C Bhasin
Lefroy 1961-1970 ( Class of 1970)
Roll No: 123


Ambassadors of Bishop Cotton School (Old Cottonians)

The Meaning of ‘Ambassador of Bishop Cotton School’

A person who represents himself as a distinguished representative of Bishop Cotton School is aware that his grounding and formative years in that great institution are the basis of how he conducts himself in society, be it Public or Private. He has earned the right to be called a blue bloodied ‘Old Cottonian’ because of great knowledge and experience imparted to him through history, through traditions and through  spirits and souls of those unique individuals who lived, learnt, taught and played over the hundred and many years of this great school. It is the grooming, the soft and hard skills and basic life aspects that have churned within every Cottonian  when he arrives on the world’s stage.  He is an example of dignity, honour and respect and when returning to our Alma mater comes back with great humbleness and humility to impart and give back from within himself a part of his life and express life’s meaning to those youngsters who are now in the cradle of Bishop Cotton School. A Cottonian is a unique person who stands apart from the rest.This does not always mean he reaches the top of the mountain before the others, but even if he follows he does so with knowledge secure. He has picked up the goodness from this world and strives to improve himself even further. A thorough gentleman and a scholar. An Ambassador of Bishop Cotton School.

Vivek C.Bhasin