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OCA Mailing List – an update

Keeping your OCA Profile / Contact Details UPDATED helps us continue to communicate with you and send you news and articles specific to BCS and the OCA. 

  • FOR OCs ALREADY on the Mailing List:
    We appreciate that you take a minute and update your own details/OCA Listing via the link sent to you earlier today by email. If you have not received such an email or would like for us to send it again, please send me a message

As requested by OCA India, we have added an option for you to to allow the OCA to share your data across the OCA Organisation / between different OCA Chapters / and as a means to contact you directly as and when such a need may arise. Appreciate that you opt in. Thank you. You are free to change this option at any time you wish to opt out or opt in again.

Additionally, we have added an [optional] box for you to let us know your Anniversary Date. This is simply for us to send you a greeting message on your anniversary 🙂

  • FOR OCs NOT YET on the Mailing List:
    The OCA Mailing List has recently seen many new OCs sign-up but we are still missing many OCs on this listing. We appreciate please subscribe. It is a simple process and takes less than a minute to fill out THIS simple form.

Many thanks for your time!

OCA Webmaster


We’d like to have a few OCs who can take on some aspects of the online website and social media options. Old Cottonians who wish to assist the Webmaster, volunteer their time gratis, unconditionally, and long-term: should write to us via the FORM below:

How much time are you able to provide:

What you would like to assist with:
(You may select multiple options, by holding down the CMD key on Mac or CNTRL key on Windows based machines)

Type in the details if you selected "OTHERS" above:

Your BCS House

Your BCS Batch year

Your contact phone number [incl country and area code]:

A recent survey:

We sent out a Poll on 24th May 2019 to 899 registered OCs on the Mailing List:  On average, how likely are you to click the link in our Mailings and see the full article at the OCA Website?

183 OCs participated / responded as of 29/5/19, and the responses are:

  • NEVER OPEN OCA MAILS: 4 [2.2%]

Thank you to those who participated and helped us understand a general trend. This might help us modify the content and delivery of updates.