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We like to hear from OCs

There are about 960 OCs registered on this mailing list, of which approximately 30% regularly open and read the emails that we send out. This dedicated readership is what keeps us going and makes it worthwhile to do what we do at the OCA Website.

Only a few, very few, OCs send in their writings or stories or school-time memories. You can access the full list that already exists on the OCA Website via this link.

We are asking all of you to send in and share anything you want with other Old Cottonians to appreciate and enjoy. 

Now more than ever before, due to the restricted lifestyle in the times of COVID19, would be a great time to enrich lives with your contribution.

Send in a piece of writing or verse, a memory from your school days, a photograph or two, a sketch/painting, a piece of your own recorded music, lyrics that you wrote, a link to a documentary or video clip that you have already shared on YouTube or elsewhere. As long as this material is free of copyright, is actually owned by you, or that you have permission to share it. We reserve the right to publish or not to publish without assigning a reason, to edit or moderate, to delete or refuse any which is inappropriate / contains nudity / is racist in nature / abusive. Thank you.

Email it to editor@oldcottonians.org or if the file is very large – use a free web-based sending utility such as https://wetransfer.com/


Best wishes

OCA Website

OCA Mailing List – an update

Keeping your OCA Profile / Contact Details UPDATED helps us continue to communicate with you and send you news and articles specific to BCS and the OCA. 

  • FOR OCs ALREADY on the Mailing List:
    We appreciate that you take a minute and update your own details/OCA Listing via the link sent to you earlier today by email. If you have not received such an email or would like for us to send it again, please send me a message

We have added an [optional] box for you to let us know your Anniversary Date. This is simply for us to send you a greeting message on your anniversary 🙂

  • FOR OCs NOT YET on the Mailing List:
    The OCA Mailing List has recently seen many new OCs sign-up but we are still missing many OCs on this listing. We appreciate please subscribe. It is a simple process and takes less than a minute to fill out THIS simple form.

Many thanks for your time!

OCA Webmaster

This community website links and brings together, globally, all Old Cottonians of Bishop Cotton School Simla. It is not specific to any one country or chapter of the OCA.


We’d like to have a few OCs who can take on some aspects of the online website and social media options. Old Cottonians who wish to assist the Webmaster, volunteer their time gratis, unconditionally, and long-term: should write to us via the FORM below:

    How much time are you able to provide:

    What you would like to assist with:
    (You may select multiple options, by holding down the CMD key on Mac or CNTRL key on Windows based machines)

    Type in the details if you selected "OTHERS" above:

    Your BCS House

    Your BCS Batch year

    Your contact phone number [incl country and area code]: