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Centennial celebration of the OCA 2010


Dear OC,

Bishop Cotton has left behind a tremendous legacy. Last year we celebrated 150 years of Bishop Cotton having founded our ‘Great School’. The celebrations were a resounding success.

This year we have occasion to celebrate 100 years of the Old Cottonians Association. As successive generations of Cottonians passed beyond the portals of our Great School, they scattered around the world but never once , it would seem, did they forget Bishop Cotton or the School where all of us spent some of the most delightful and formative years of our life.

To keep the flame burning of Bishop Cotton and our Great School, Cottonians decided to form the Old Cottonians Association.

Today, as we celebrate 100 years of the O.C.A. there will be dozens of Associations around the world, with thousands of Old Cottonians who will stand shoulder to shoulder, sing the School Song and thank our Founding Fathers for our motto, “ Overcome evil with Good”. This has been a guiding light for Cottonians through out their lives.

Other than having imparted lessons in humility, social etiquette, punctuality, discipline, respect for elders Bishop Cotton wanted us to go out into the world to do good and have a good time!

It is with the last point in mind that OCA (India) Northern Chapter has decided to honour Bishop Cotton, Our Great School and the Association of Old Boys who, young at heart will carry the Cottonian Flag high and with pride.

We hope that you along with your spouse / partners and fellow OC’s will be able to attend the function in large numbers. You are requested to confirm your participation at the earliest as it will help us plan for our catering etc. Through you, we would like to have details of latest contact numbers of your OC friends, so that we can communicate directly with them. Kindly note that children are not allowed at the OC meet.

Please find enclosed as an attachment a program for the Centennial Celebration of the Old Cottonians Association.

Best Regards,

Ajay Thiara
Member Executive
OCA (India), Northern Chapter
Phone: 0172-5071931, 4009932.


Friday, 22nd October, 2010: Golf Tournament and Dinner
(Organized by OCA (India) Northern Chapter)

  • Golf Tournament between Old Cottonians and Old Sanawarians The tournament would be conducted at the Chandigarh Golf Club. The participation fee would be Rs. 500/- per head and would be collected at the Golf Club on the day of the tournament itself. All OC’s desirous of taking part in the Golf Tournament may kindly send the following details to OCA Northern Chapter by Monday, 18th October, 2010 :
    a) Full Name b) House c) Batch d) Handicap e) Mobile no. f) Email id.
  • The dinner would be conducted at CGA Golf Range, Sector-6, Chandigarh at 7:30 p.m. The contribution amount for all OC’s playing in the Golf Tournament as well as for non playing OC’s who are desirous of attending the OCA Centennial Celebration dinner would be Rs. 1000/- per OC and Rs. 1500/- per couple. The contribution amount may kindly be sent in the form of a Demand Draft or cheque drawn in favour of OCA (India) Northern Chapter payable at Chandigarh. The payment should be accompanied with the OC’s a) Full Name b) House c) Batch d) Mobile no. e) Email id. The payment and the information may be sent or handed over to Mr. Arun Rana at Jamboree, SCO-99-100, Top Floor, Above Sindhi Pastry Shop, Sector-17-B, Chandigarh. Phone: 0172-5071931, 4009932.
    Dress Code: Smart evening casuals

Saturday, 23rd October, 2010: Centennial Drive
(Organized by OCA (India) Northern Chapter

  • A Centennial Drive would be conducted from Chandigarh to Bishop Cotton School Simla with an overnight halt at Barog. All OC’s taking part in the Centennial Drive would assemble at the Taj Hotel, Sector-17, Chandigarh at 12:00 noon.
  • At Barog a camp fire and barbeque would be held, alongwith a sing song. All participating OC’s are requested to carry along with them the song books from last year’s celebrations. Charges for taking part in the Centennial Drive would cover the expenses for lunch at the Taj Hotel and other peripheral expenses and would be Rs. 1000/- per OC and Rs. 2000/- per couple.
    Accommodation cost and facilities at Barog would be as follows:
    At a camp: Rs. 2000/- per couple which would include evening tea, camp dinner, morning tea and camp breakfast.
    Hotel Pinewood & Hotel Barog Heights: Room charges would vary between Rs. 1700/- to Rs. 3200/- on twin sharing basis. A discount of approximately 30% on only room charges would be given at Hotel Pinewood.
    For all those OC’s not staying at the camp, Dinner at the camp would cost Rs. 250/- per head and breakfast at the camp would be at Rs. 100/- per head. Since only limited accommodation is available, therefore entries to participate in the Centennial Drive would be accepted on first come first serve basis only. All those OC’s desirous of taking part in the Centennial Drive, may kindly send the payment to cover the participation fee of the centennial drive and cost of accommodation in the form of a Demand Draft or cheque drawn in favour of OCA (India) Northern Chapter payable at Chandigarh. The payment should be accompanied with the OC’s a) Full Name b) House c) Batch d) Mobile no. e) Email id. The payment and the information may be sent or handed over to Mr. Arun Rana at Jamboree, SCO-99-100, Top Floor, Above Sindhi Pastry Shop, Sector-17-B, Chandigarh. Phone: 0172-5071931, 4009932.

Sunday, 24th October, 2010:

  • Blood Donation Camp / Lunch / Basket Ball and or Football match / Dinner
  • a) The Centennial Drive would leave Barog at 9:30 a.m. to reach Bishop Cotton School, Simla by11:30 a.m.
  • b) At school a Blood Donation Camp would be conducted (Courtesy OCA (India) Northern Chapter & OCA (India) Himachal Chapter)
  • c) At 1:30 p.m. a Centennial Celebration lunch would be served at school for the visiting OC’s. (Courtesy The Head Master, Bishop Cotton School)
    Dress Code for a,b,c: Smart Casuals
  • d) Post lunch a Basketball / Football match would take place between the OC’s and the school team.
  • e) At 7:30 p.m. a Centennial Celebration Dinner has been organized in Simla at Hotel Woodville Palace adjacent to the Raj Bhawan. (Courtesy OCA (India) Himachal Chapter). The contributory amount to attend this dinner would be Rs. 750/- per OC and Rs. 1500/- per couple. All OC’s desirous of attending this Dinner may kindly contact OC D.M. Sud 9418057500, OC Anil Walia 9816017100 or OC Arun Sawhney 9816064890.
    Dress Code: Formal preferably Blazer and OC Tie
  • f) Accommodation is available in Simla at Hotel Woodville Palace which is a heritage property from Rs. 5000/- till Rs. 12000/- per room per night. OC Uday Singh who is the owner of the hotel has very graciously offered a 30% discount on the room tariff for visiting OC’s. Should any OC require more reasonably priced accommodation, he may contact OC DM Sud or OC Anil Walia.


Note: Whilst it shall be our endeavour to follow this program, there could be some minor changes.

OCA Northern Chapter


G.S. Gill retires as DGP HP

G.S. Gill [Rivaz 1955-65] retired as Director General of Police  Himachal Pradesh on 30th June 2010 – after 36 years of an illustrious career.

OCA HP Chapter organized a farewell party on the evening of the 7th July at the Oberoi Clarkes Hotel, which was attended by many OCs and also the HM of BCS Mr. Roy Robinson.

All the best to GS Gill for the future – we understand that Gill plans to take time off to travel extensively, and do just about “nothing” for a while. Sounds like the perfect  retirement plan!

Message from OCA India – 4th Dec 2009

Gentlemen apologies for the delay in response from our end. I was travelling and Mr Anand was out of station.

Most importantly I would like to bring to your notice that the various Old Cottonian chapters have been able to collect just under 3 lakh rupees (some money is still being tracked as in they have not reached the accounts yet but we know they have been donated – OCs are again requested to send their contributions to the Himachal chapter / OC account as this will ensure full accounting and proper disbursal). The final number, in terms of OC donations will be announced at the AGM which is currently slotted for February. The HP chapter has taken the onus of ensuring appropriate disbursal of the funds collected for Mr.Vasisth

A question has been raised as to why the AGM has not been conducted in November. The OC Association Memorandum states that the AGM should be conducted every year in February. We have followed that norm over the last 5 years.

 Your elected members apologise again for the delay in replying to your emails. We are also grateful for your support in terms of contributions from all of you. To quantify those contributions by you, the OCA has been able to raise the money available, at the end of each year, to the Association (put simply – money raised less disbursals). To give you an indicator it was 23 lakh (post disbursals) in 2004-05. Each year after that saw an increase and we were able to get 41 lakh (post disbursals) in 2007-08, that is 70% higher than 2004-05. This money has been invested.

2008-09 is under audit and this year’s year-end number is expected to be the highest ever as the Sesquicentennial saw record donations from OCs across the world! Thank you once again for those donations and your support.

Lastly, we hope you enjoyed the sesquicentennial celebrations.


Col R Dewan (Rivaz 1947 – 54, Staff 1990 – 2003)