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Kirtan & Antim Ardaas : Jagdeep Singh Bhasin (“Father”):

To commemorate the life of our beloved Father

Mr. Jagdeep Singh Bhasin (Father)

Please join us for Kirtan and Antim Ardaas on Friday, 28th June, 2024 at Gurudwara Sahib Patshahi Dasvin, Sector 8 Chandigarh from 12 pm- 1 pm followed by Guru ka Langar

Grief stricken:

Ruhie and Ankit Chaturvedi

Naina and Himmat Jakhar

Abhaysher and Aishwarya Singh Bhasin




Jagdeep “Father” Bhasin

With great sadness we inform that Jagdeep Singh Bhasin passed on at his home in Panchkula 24/6/24.

BCS  Lefroy House Batch 1970.

26th June update about Kirtan & Antim Ardaas 

JAGDEEP Singh “ Father “ Bhasin
Lefroy House
Class of 1970

With great sadness, we announce the loss of our beloved class mate, Jagdeep Bhasin.. In loving memory of Jagdeep,we are grieved to announce his passing away on
24 th June 2024..A life so beautifully lived deserves to be beautifully remembered. He was that tall strapping “ gentle giant” amongst us; we guys were always kept in suspense when he vanished out of the school gates for brief interludes; his return was revealed by him reciting his myriad escapades in, around and outside School.. For some of us who lived with him “
PK, Chops, Nagu Chief, Mousie” we were his mini gladiators as he practised his wrestling bouts but never hurting us …being a great fan of Dara Singh…
Father lived his life in the tri-cities of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula… he lost his wife early in his journey but remained steadfast to bring up his lovely daughter and son…he was a genuine soul; the Almighty has welcomed him into his garden of eternity ..
Please join us to mourn the passing of Jagdeep Bhasin fondly known as “Father” to his school mates.
Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti

– Vivek “Bonnie” Bhasin (BCS Class of 1970)

Antim Ardas Bhog held for Late Iqbal Singh Sehmbey

I am attaching a few photographs taken from the Antim Ardas Bhog held for Late Iqbal Singh Sehmbey.
   I attended the Prayer Meet yesterday along with Pankaj Berry, Yashwinder Singh Dhaliwal and Anil Kumar (Victor).
Dhiraj Berry
Mob: 9814060426

DOCUMENT Attached: Iqbal S Sehmbey

Brian Howard Niblett

An Old Cottonian moves into his peaceful garden

I have received the following sad news from Allan Gay Niblett Esq; ( Old Cottonian- Chairman Ex-Officio OCA UK -Board of Governor BCS) on the passing of his esteemed Brother :

Brian Howard Niblett Esq;

Born 19 March 1934 Delhi

Died 6 February 2024 Barmouth Wales

BCS 1940- 47. Prep School Cotton House.   Big School Rivaz House.

School Colts Hockey X1. Boxing  Colours.

UK  Poole Grammar School. 1948- 52. Rugby Colours. Boxing team. Polished Ballroom dancer. School Captain 1952. University Southampton. National Service Palestine.

Joined Johnson &Johnson. Left to take up teaching. Lived near Hereford and worked with SAS. Retired living in Wales, taking up Sheep farming and private lessons for neighbours. Brian was a most charming and cheerful character but withdrew into Wales living quietly , until struck by Cancer of the colon. Operated on and looked after by some wonderful Carers and his wife and after a long period of remission,died peacefully and without pain  at home.

He had two daughters- Linda and Jennie with his first wife Maureen whom he met at  School in Poole and a grand daughter Lucy. His second wife, Lyn continues to live in Barmouth.

Brian’s funeral will be held Thursday 22nd February 2024.


On behalf of all Cottonians world wide I sent my most heartfelt condolences to Christine and Gay Niblett. May Brian’s soul Rest in Peace

Vivek ( Bonnie ) Bhasin

A much remembered figure: Jal Boga

Jal Boga had written in years ago and his letter was published online September 25th 2011.

Subsequently we heard from Mr Boga’s daughter, Meher Boga, that her father had passed on around a year ago. The original letter from Jal, the many comments and messages of remembrances, and also the recent exchange are available via a link appended below. Jal Boga remains one of those “larger than life” figures of Bishop Cotton School and continued to shine in his career and endeavours after BCS

Here is the link. We are adding a few of photos to make the connection.

Jal Boga : photo sent by Meher Boga

Lord and Lady Mountbatten (BCS in 1947) A visit to Bishop Cotton School by Lord and Lady Mountbatten. Also in the photograph : Prefects R. Button (I) and Inderjeet Singh (C).

BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE [at Bishop Cotton School]

Rajat Mukarji [Ibbetson 1969 batch] passed on

We sadly announce the sudden passing-away of Old Cottonian Rajat Mukarji [Ibbetson 1969 batch], today who suffered a  massive cardiac attack.

An alumni of Bishop Cotton School (1967-69) and St. Stephen’s College, Rajat worked as a general manager at Birla AT&T from 1996 to 2002. He joined UK-based Vodafone (now Vodafone Idea) in 2002.
During his nearly 17-year stint at Vodafone Idea, Mukarji represented the telecom company at many national and international forums, and helped in several strategic initiatives.
Later, he also briefly served Chinese telecom gear maker ZTE as a corporate affairs officer from July 2019 to February 2020.
In 2020, he joined Broadband India Forum (BIF) as a director general at Gurgaon till date.

Rest in Peace dear OC.Our Deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

David Browning / farewell dear OC

22nd Dec-2022

Message from David’s wife, Carol to Vivek [Bonnie] Bhasin:

Hello Bonnie.
This is to advise you that sadly David passed away on the 6 th.December.
Kind regards.

Dear Carol

I am extremely saddened to hear the passing of David Browning Esquire an illustrious Old Cottonian. May his Soul Rest in Peace.

I would appreciate as much information/background on David so most appropriately I will have our OCA Webmaster post on the BCS / OCA website please. ( House -years in school -your residence in Europe – your India visits and more..).

It is extremely difficult to find yourself alone; we all must take comfort on the long life you shared together and we must also celebrate the wonderful things you did together.

I am presently in India with my entire Swedish family to meet my Mum aged 90; we return to Sweden 6th Dec 2022

My Warmest Wishes and Kindest Regards; I know this would be a very solemn Christmas for you.

Please give me your mobile number so I can speak to you soon.

Please take good care of yourself.

With affection
( Capt Vivek Bhasin)
Lefroy House

Old Cottonian Dr Humayun Khan [Rivaz 1941-1947] – passed on

My father Dr Humayun Khan passed away on 22 Sept, 2022, aged 91.

I visited his school in Simla ten years ago, and was so happy to see his photos as captain of cricket and other teams.

He was so respected and loved in India during his time as a diplomat there and after.

He truly believed in peace and stability in our region. Indo-Pak dosti was his dream.

  • Ayesha Humayun Khan

Read his story here

Jatinder S. Randhawa [Randy] passed on

Just been informed that J.S. Randhawa [Rivaz 1963 batch] passed on in his sleep last night at his home in Chandigarh. Cremation today 2PM 21st Sept 2022 at Sector 25 Chandigarh. Randy had been battling a cancer for the past few years. Apparently had a massive cardiac arrest in the night.

DM Sud [Dinesh] had been to see Randy at his home just yesterday and had a pretty “normal”  conversation with him.

Our condolences to his friends and family.

Dear All,


This morning Badal called to inform me that Randy had passed away. The final cause was not the cancer but a cardiac arrest that took him away.


Post-School most of us interacted with him when he worked with The Oberoi and then he disappeared until he connected with so many of us again after a time gap.


Randy was an exceptionally warm, genuine and innocent person. No guile.  He made close friendships and then he had those very special relationships like the bonds that existed between him and Vijay Pawa and, in these last years of his life, with Badal. Temperamentally, there could be no people so poles apart and Badal sensed the warmth, the honesty and the affection in the man to offer him a special place in his life. Randy would often go up and stay with Badal in Kasauli resulting in one of the cottages on the estate being labelled as Randy’s Cottage.  


Randy was earnest and this attribute shines through so easily in all his photographs. I picked out the Rivaz House pictures for the years of 1956 & 1958 (he joined in 1954 and left at the end of 1958) and when you look carefully you will discern that aspect of his character. He gave his heart out to a relationship that he loved and admired. Unfailing loyalty and undiminished sincerity.


He was great fun and I recall with great affection the short period when he, Vijay Pawa and I shared a room that housed just four boys in the first term of 1955. It was the room at the left entrance to the Linlithgow dormitory which was converted as a part of the Goss residence in later years. In that room Randy hid his well designed catapult and substantial collection of marbles, things that amuse little boys !!


The formal obituary notice issued by the family:



With profound grief we inform you of the sad passing away of Sardar Jatinder Singh Randhawa (Bholu) MS No.1071 son of late Dr. MS Randhawa ICS, and father of Satinder Singh Randhawa (MS No.7219) yesterday night.

Cremation will take place today, 21st September 2022 (Wednesday) at 3:00 pm at the Cremation Ground, Sector 25 Chandigarh.

Condolences may be conveyed to his son Satinder Singh Randhawa on +91 9888100313.


Messages condoling Randy’s passing away have poured in on different pages of the various WhatsApp group.


“JS Randhawa (Randy) passed on in his sleep at his home at Chandigarh last night. Just yesterday DM Sud (Dinesh) had dropped by to see him and they had a pretty normal conversation. Randy been fighting a cancer for years” Anil Advani


“All my growing years I would hear of this or that friend of my father’s having died and I wondered how he faced the news with such equanimity. He explained that leaves, flowers and fruit emerge then die… but others replace them and life goes on.

I guess all of us have entered the departure lounge, where we can rest a bit and entertain ourselves with memories of life well lived, while waiting for our names to be called.

Travel well Randy” Bittu Sahgal


We will miss a good man. Good bye, Randy.


Vijay Khurana

Really Sad News .
Randy from School days to his hotel experience . Always very pleasant and soft . He kept in touch with me on FB for years and Badal used to update all of us . Randy introduced me to Manmohan Sher Gill in Sweden and we have been in touch . Our deepest Condolence to his Family . May he Rest in Peace – We shall always remember you .
Great to have such good friends – who have gone too soon
Sudhir Kashyap

DM Sud & Randy - probably1972

DM Sud & Randy – probably1972

Vinod Stokes – Tribute by Deepak Stokes

Best Loser Award.
In our school there was no MVP award because in a team everyone is a MVP. But we did have the highest award “The Best Loser” award. Boxing was compulsory for everyone. When you had someone who fought back like a tiger and lost you got this award “ The Best Loser Award” In 1963, Vinod Bhai was the one who got this award. He had a battered face but was a tiger. The day before
he died I reminded [him] of this award and he gave me that funny smile. I told him that I was now awarding him the best loser award .. his opponent being stage 3 pancreatic cancer.
He never complained despite Whipple surgery; chemotherapy and 1 1/2 year of TPN.. IV fluids. He could not eat a spoon of food. Never complained even once.
This picture was taken 5 minutes before his Whipple surgery. He was well aware of the risks and high mortality rate. Looks like he is going for a wedding . He had no fear.
Love you Bhai

On March 3, 1957 my mother was ill. At the last moment I went shopping for a candy whistle and so we missed the last bus to my boarding school..B.C.S. So at age 7 my “older brother” Vinod age 9 took me to school in a rickshaw around 4 pm. As we entered the school gates he told me in his confident voice “everything will be O.K.”
He has always been there for me.
On August 4, 2022 around 4 pm it was my turn to take him on his last journey from this world. In September of 2019 he was diagnosed to have stage 3 pancreatic cancer. After going through a Whipple procedure and chemotherapy he finally lost the battle to the cancer. The last few days we spent together we talked a lot and in the end I did say “Bhai (brother) everything will be O.K.”. He gave me that smile that only close family and friends understand.
I will miss him. Bhai R.I.P.


Deepak Stokes

David N Mitchell : just been informed of his demise

David N Mitchell, BCS 1943 Batch [click this link for the batch page]

We have received an email just today from Mr. Mitchell’s son, Julian Mitchell, informing us that he passed on january 25th 2022. We quote from the funeral service website to which Julian has sent a link

David Norval Mitchell, 88, of Tampa, passed away January 25th, 2022. He is survived by his sons Alistair and Julian, two grandchildren Bradley and Caitlin, and one sister Genevra. David was born in Evanston Illinois, the son of Alfred Norval Mitchell and Mary Elizabeth Couch. David lived in India, Scotland, England, Holland, the United States and Spain. He graduated from Balliol College Oxford where he met his wife Kathleen Mary Neale. They were married on September 30th 1958 in Oxford.

David enjoyed singing, golfing, playing bridge, reading, collecting stamps, gardening, and travelling. He sang with the International Chorale out of Dunedin Florida and would often break into song spontaneously, alone, or with his wife Kathleen. The two of them could easily be encouraged to sing an Abba tune for any occasion.

A celebration of his life was held at O’Toole’s Irish Pub on Friday January 28th from 6 to 10 pm.

Vinod Stokes – farewell

Vinod Stokes [BCS Batch 1964] passed on August 5th 2022, as seen on a Facebook post this morning. Details unknown.

Our condolences to DK Stokes, and all of the Stokes Family, Vinod’s friends and loved ones.

From a post also seen on Facebook:

A dear friend from Harmony Hall, Thanedhar/Kotgarh passes away…  Vinod Stokes was the grandson of Satyanand Stokes (Samuel Evans Stokes) a pioneer American who settled in Kotgarh in Himachal Pradesh, married a local girl, created apple revolution and joined Mahatma Gandhi in India’s Freedom Struggle… Vinod Stokes studied at BCS  Shimla, & IIT Kanpur. He did PhD in Economics and Computer Science from Michigan and Stanford Universities…And was on the visiting faculty at IIT Gandhi Nagar.