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Sandeep Mansukhani – Everest 2018 – UPDATE:

Message from Sandeep’s wife Harsimran Mansukhani:

Yes it is confirmed…..it is going to be 21st May 2018 when Capt Sandeep Mansukhani will be making his  final summit push. It took years of training, hard work and endless sacrifices for him to get there but what matters will be next seven days. Those seven days when he will leave the safe lap of Base camp and head towards a journey amidst death zone predicting any kind of incidental consequences. I have never been scared of anything but yes today I am……..just praying.
Undoubtably weather plays a crucial role on Everest ( the summit of Everest is pummeled year round with jet stream which lifts up only for few days before the onset of monsoon) And weather has been quite unpredictable past few days so the agency was taking various updates from its trusted sources to take final decision.

Today they had oxygen briefing and the masks and regulators are issued. The accompanying Sherpa is announced and good to hear that his Sherpa is Tashi( six time Everest summitter), very experienced climber.

There will be no connectivity for next seven days. Only the updates from agency itself.
His itinerary will be
17/5 @ 0200 hrs BC to camp 2
18/5 rest at camp 2
19/5 @ 0700 hrs camp 2 to camp 3
20/5 @ 0700 hrs camp 3 to camp 4(death zone)
20/5 @ 2100 hrs camp 4 to summit push
21/5 expected summit time around 7:30 to 9 am
21/5 back to camp 4 or camp 3 depending upon physical energy left
22/5 camp 2
23/5 camp 2 to BC

Seeking your prayers for his success and safety. With His grace and your blessings we hope to hear from Capt Sandeep Mansukhani – as Everester soon. Will keep you posted of all the progress…..deepest regards….Harsimran

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Expedition to Mount Everest in 2018 by an OC

Message received from Sandeep Mansukhani, Rivaz House (1994-95).

OCA India sincerely wishes him ‘best of luck’ for his brave adventure and may God grant him enough courage to complete his unfinished task of conquering the Great Himalayan Peak.

Ashwani Virk- Secretary OCA India

“Prayers, good wishes and blessings pouring from all over came as an answer to my survival amidst the disastrous earthquake that hit Mt Everest/ Nepal in 2015 during my expedition to the Summit. It made me realise how blessed I am to have such lovely and caring people around. I will proceed to Nepal on 3rd April 2018 to complete my unfinished climb of Mt Everest Expd (8848m/ 29029 ft). I seek your blessings again. I request you all for any monetary contribution you wish to make to help me in my endeavour”.

Account details are as follows: A/c Name: Sandeep Mansukhani. Bank : State Bank of India. Account no: 34777505766. IFSC Code: SBIN0001282, East Patel Nagar branch



Message from President OCA India – Justice (Retd) R.S. Sodhi

Dear Friends and Fellow Cottonians !….Greetings of a great Year ahead ..!!
It is worthwhile to mention hereby that Bishop Cotton School has been producing meritorious students par excellence in almost every field particularly our Armed Services. Highly decorated War Officers namely :

  • Air Chief Marshal P.C.Lal – PadmaVibhushan, DFCCAS,
  • Lt. Gen. Dewan Prem Chand – PVSM ,
  • Lt. Gen. N.C.Rawlley – PVSM, AVSM, MC, VCOAS,
  • Lt. Gen. M.N. Batra – PVSM, OBE,
  • Lt. Gen. I.S.Gill – PVSM, AVSM, GOC in C,
  • Lt. Gen. K.S.Randhawa – PVSM, AVSM,
  • Lt. Gen. Baljit Singh – AVSM, VSM,
  • Lt. Gen, H.R.S. Kalkat – PVSM, AVSM GOC in C,
  • Vice Adm. R.N.Batra – PVSM,
  • Vice Adm. Harinder Singh – PVSM, AVSM, FOC in C,
  • AVM H.P.S.Sidhu,
  • Maj. Gen. P.C.Gupta – MC,
  • Maj. Gen. K.C.Khanna,
  • Maj. Gen. J. Mayadas – VSM,
  • Maj. Gen. S.Varma – VSM, Mention in Dispatch,
  • Maj. Gen. Lalji D.Singh,
  • Maj. Lalit Malhotra,
  • Maj. Gen. S.K.Batra,
  • Maj. S.P.Bhatia – VSM,
  • Maj. Gen. C.S.Panag – YSM, VSM,
  • Maj. Gen. R.Pandit – AVSM, SM,
  • Maj. Gen. H.M.Singh,
  • Rear Adm. R.Chopra – VSM, Mention in Dispatch,
  • Brig. P.O.Myers –MC, BAR,
  • Brig. Nadirshaw – VRC,
  • Brig. H.Chukerbuti – 5 Blues in IMA,
  • Brig. R.S.S.Kohli,
  • Brig. P.K.H.Chand,
  • Brig. H.K.Dhawan,
  • Brig. J.N.Rudra,
  • Brig. J.S.Bhullar,
  • Brig. S.Dutt – VSM,
  • Brig. Madhusudan,
  • Brig. Arun Kochar,
  • Brig. R.S.Brar,
  • Adm. Bahl,
  • Brig. H.S.Nagra,
  • Brig. G.S.Padda,
  • Brig. M.M.Badshah
  • …and many others have served our country with great valour.

Its been my longstanding wish to honour those gallant Officers Posthumously, who have lost their lives in line of their duty though a meagre effort, by putting up a Memorial Plaque of their name/s on a Wall of the War Memorial at BCS, Shimla. Since we do have a herculean task of finding out the names of such brave Officers, therefore, it is my humble appeal and request to all Old Cottonians worldwide that if they have any information regarding any of their batch-mates, whether Juniors or Seniors in School, who went on to join Army and sacrificed their lives in any Indo/China/Pak wars, please send information to the Webmaster/ editor@oldcottonians.org or to the OCA India Secretary – ocaindia@yahoo.com

Forwarded on behalf of Hony. President Justice R.S. Sodhi

Ashwani Singh Virk – 9810194724
(Secretary OCA INDIA)

OC Vijay Stokes – “The Swadeshi Apple” article

It’s an enviable view that Vijay Stokes has from his family home, Harmony Hall. It crests his very own hill in Kotgarh, 3 hours north-east of Shimla, and on a clear day he can see snow-capped Himalayan peaks ring the horizon while the Sutlej river snakes through the valley below. Pickaxe in hand, and dressed in his customary Pahari kurta and waistcoat, the 78-year-old is reworking an experiment his grandfather, Samuel Stokes, had begun nearly a century before him. And it has to do with an apple which was as much [continue reading…]