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Great interaction with BCS Directors

Sent in by Vivek Bhasin [1970 batch]:

Thank You OCA Delhi: Kuttu Singh, Ash, Sunny (Chetan) for making this small group invite, a lovely evening at Tonino’s yesterday ( Saturday 10th Sep 2022). Great interaction with Director Simon , Communication Director Rebecca on “ what’s happened, happening and will happen at BCS! ).

A Shout Out to Mr GS Kochhar

A week or so ago, I was in New Delhi for a few short days – and had invited a few people to a party. It so happened that another classmate (Pompei) couldn’t attend, and so as a result, the OC contingent/guests of my party were shifted to another day. This is about that party that GS Kochhar [Lefroy 1963 Batch] then arranged on short notice!

(Currently, am in Nairobi… and on our way to Masai Mara game reserves for a safari trip). As a side note … I must say that even though Kenya and India are similar in poverty/ dirtiness, some Nairobi hotels are very nice indeed — some nicer than US hotels in the same category! (I could elaborate on hotels, their standards and stars at a later time).

Attached are some nice memories of that OC party that Mr GS Kochhar hosted last Sunday. According to Anupam Sachdev, the party was in my honor — but Pompei is in the marketing business, so I take that with a grain of salt!

Instead, I would like to give a shout out to Guljit who arranged guests, drinks and food on less than 24 hour notice! According to me – if anyone can pull this off in the outstanding manner he did — he (or she) is entitled to be anointed an Event Guru!!
Guljit himself was adorned in a very regal outfit — a royal ensemble with an emblem on his Indian coat that would have made the Maharaja of Patiala blush!
His house is decorated in very good taste, matched only with the taste and rare class of whiskies he served to all his guests!
I knew GS quite well in school years — especially since my family knew his — and remember visiting his house in Simla during summer break with my mother.
Then, no contact, never saw him — maybe once in 6 decades!!
Thank you, Guljit, for being such a gracious and generous host!
It was a Fun party!! Proof is attached!
You d’ Event Guru!

[Karanjit Singh – BCS Lefroy 1958-1963]

[for larger photos: click on]

In Photos below…
There were just 4 of us from BCS. Others were friends of Guljit’s daughter and a couple of Guljit’s friends (couples).

  1. Guljit Kochhar, middle is outsider Mrs Tara Singh, right is my wife Eera Singh (in red and white blouse).
  2. Outsider, Me, Rakesh Chopra, Anupam Sachdev (Pompei).
  3. Pompei, my wife Eera, Guljit Kochhar, and Rocky Chopra.

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Winter Lunch 27th Feb / photo and list of attendees

Group photo OCs who attended the OCs lunch hosted by Mr and Mrs Sunil [Sunny] Chadha:

List of attendees:

  • Mr and Mrs Sunil “ Sunny “ Chadha (host) at his Beautiful Farm House in Satbari New Delhi
  • Capt Sharat & Rupa Bhasin
  • Capt Vivek Bhasin
  • Mr and Mrs Niri & Jyoti Gill
  • Mr and Mrs Prithvi and Jennifer Prem
  • Mr & Mrs Kanav & Kanika Monga
  • Mr & Mrs Kochhar
  • Mr Kochar
  • Mr & Mrs Sangram Singh
  • Mr. Jaspal Sawhney.
  • Mr. & Mrs Inderjit Singh
  • Mr PS Chauhan
  • Mr Sherry Chauhan
  • Mr Rajat Mukerji
  • Col & Mrs Gaby Guron
  • Mr Rohit Kumar
  • Mr Dewan
  • Mr Arvind Mankotia
  • Mr Sanjiv Sood
  • Mr Rajiv sood
  • Mr. Chetan Singh
  • Mr & Mrs Mehtab Wadala
  • Mr Rao

[Need to confirm the remainder]

OCs winter lunch at Chattarpur New Delhi / 27th Feb 2022

Sunday 27th Feb 2022
Cottonians led by Mr. Sanjiv (Sunny) Chadha is organising a winter lunch at Chattarpur New Delhi

After a very successful golf event last Friday 18th Feb ‘22 at ITC led by the generous offer of his residence by veteran Sanjiv Chadha ( Class of 1974), we extend an invitation to Cottonians with their wives and partners for a lovely afternoon :


Date: Sunday 27th Feb 2022

Venue: at Sanjiv Chadha’s

Address: follows!( with parking – valet service )

Time : 1200-1600 ( 12.00 pm to 4.00 pm)

Dress : Smart Casual

Charges Per Head: 2800 including lunch booze – the usual

This being a limited event to a

max of 80 it’s first hands up



This get together will be intimated through various social media platforms..

We encourage all Cottonians to come forward, spread the word and make this a fantastic afternoon..

“ food brings Cottonians together from all corners ..
from Hunger Games of dog biscuits at chota hazari, Chipu’s, hot bread from the bakery, Omelettes at Chota Simla, Malooks or Baljees….it’s the memorable reunion that matters most..”

Contact :
Kanav Monga by Whatsapp on 9810048078. Kindly whatsapp and not call plz

Mr. Sanjiv Chadha by whatsapp on 9810124296

B10, Ansal Villas


Annual OCA India Reunion Lunch, postponement

Dear OCs,
As per the meeting of the executive of OCA India convened on 14.01.2022, it was unanimously decided to postpone the Annual Reunion Lunch that would have been held on 06.02.2022 at Delhi, until further notice due to current COVID guidelines issued by the Government. A  fresh date and venue of the said event shall be communicated to all later. 
Best Wishes and enjoy a wonderful season ahead!
Best regards
Jaspal Singh Sawhney