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OCA UK – Kuljinder Bahia passes the baton to Dr Vijay Bhalaik

Dear OCs
I trust that this email finds everyone well and in good health.
It has been nearly a decade since Kuljinder Bahia was appointed as Chairman of the OCA (UK) Chapter and as all of us know he has executed his role in a very positive and forward thinking manner. Kuljinder has varied business interests, which require a lot more of his time and personal involvement than what was needed in the past. He has also impressed many times that for the proper functioning and care of the UK Chapter, he resigns and that a new Chairman is appointed. It is time for this change now.
Having consulted many OC’s in the UK including the secretary Puneet Singh, it has been passed that Dr Vijay Bhalaik takes over the reins from Kuljinder.
Whilst I personally wish to thank Kuljinder for what he has already done for our School and OC’s, he has offered his assurance to continue to offer as much support and guidance to the OCA (UK) Chapter as possible.
I also wish to congratulate Dr Vijay Bhalaik on his appointment as the Chairman of the OCA (UK) Chapter.
Given his achievements in school and also professionally, we are in very safe and capable hands to take the UK Chapter forward for many years to come.
Wishing all of you my best,
Gursant Sandhu
OCA ( UK )



Kuljinder Bahia President OCA (UK) with Prince Charles

The OCA (UK) Chapter would like to congratulate their Chairman Mr. Kuljinder Bahia on his tremendous achievement in being hounoured by the British Travel Industry’s Hall of Fame as it’s Member, along the likes of Mr. Peter Harris (Bourne Leisure), Sir Moir Lockhead (First Group), Mr. Steve Ridgway (Virgin Atlantic) and Mr. Isadore Sharp (Four Seasons Hotels). The British Travel Industry Hall of Fame was created in 1995, to ‘honour excellence and outstanding achievement in those who have played a significant part in creating and developing the travel, hospitality and tourism industry’. Kuljinder owns Southall Travel which is well featured at London Heathrow Airport.

Thursday 25 April was a special day for Kuljinder for, not only did he receive his award at a special dinner at The Savoy in London, but he also hit The Times Rich list in 3 different divisions.

We are all very proud of Kuljinder as an Old Cottonian and as our Chairman. Bishop Cotton School, Shimla, has one more young international businessman to add to their list of outstanding pupils.

Please click on the following links for information (http://www.kingley.co.uk/the-british-travel-and-hospitality-industry-hall-of-fame)

Simratt Singh Grewal


OCA (United Kingdom) TRANSITION OF CHAIRMAN: Vivek Bhasin

Dear Old Cottonians and Young Cottonians,

The United Kingdom Old Cottonians has been the senior most fraternity of all world OCA Chapters.This noble chapter has been held rock fast with the untiring, dedicated support and blessings of our Senior Cottonians who hold Bishop Cotton School at the forefront of their lives, living their days in the UK with sentimental reunions, memories of their time in the hills of Simla; memories of their time in India. Our Seniors have had steadfast support of their wives who became part of such a large family in the UK.

The annual reunion and get together in London; the last Saturday in June every year is a MUST. A day etched in stone by every OC; he arrives from all over the world to share and remember the common ground of  his beautiful Alma mater. He exchanges episodes and incidents in his life that  are invariably are coupled to Bishop Cotton School and other fellow OCs. Yes Old Cottonians never grow up!!!

Mr Kuljinder Bahia , an exceedingly remarkable Old Cottonian based in the UK has agreed to take over the reins of the OCA (UK) on 01 March 2012.

I am confident with his Chairmanship, the fraternity will go from strength to strength and prosper even further; opening its arms to the younger generation of Old Cottonians who arrive at the shores of the UK; to study, to work, to settle. Kuljinder will have the support of ALL Old Cottonians in the UK; especially Raj Lamba, Vinod Nanda*, Gursant Sandhu, Rana Datar, Sam Grewal. One must never forget Allan Gay Niblett, Peter Stringer, Arthur Jones, John Phillips, Allan Bapty, Anil Bhasin, Bob Myers, Puneet Singh, John Maclaughlin, Ken Richards, Daljit Jaijee, Mrinal Vijay, Sanjiv Talwar,Tony Sinha, Lamboo Evans, Vijay Bhalaik, Jogi Chahal, Paddy Singh, Dr Aulakh, Fred Hardy, John Whitmarsh Knight , Homer and David Gill and a host of others who have given so much to the cause of the OCA (UK); they will continue to do so for Kuljinder Bahia.

All what remains for me to convey are my Best Wishes and continued onwards success of this wonderful and great fraternity

I was priviledged to be part of this chapter for 13 years. I will be returning to India in the next 6 weeks and will give as much time as possible to the OCA (India), Bishop Cotton School and Old Cottonians. I hope to work with my Brother Sharat Bhasin (Lefroy 1965-1975) and also look at opportunities in emerging India.

Allan Gay Niblett, Honorary Life Chairman (OCA) United Kingdom will be representing the fraternity as Chief Guest at the OCA (India) luncheon on 19th Feb 2012. He will be carrying with him all good wishes from the Old Country!!!  For me; I will be missing this grand reunion in New Delhi for the first time in 25 years….

God Bless the OCA United Kingdom and its newest and young Chairman  Kuljinder Bahia.

Capt. Vivek C. Bhasin
Lefroy 1961-1970
Chairman (OCA UK)

* (This letter is also dedicated in loving memory of the departed, wonderful Mother of Vinod Nanda; committe member; fellow Lefroyan, a Cottonian with Guts, a Cottonian with compassion, A true friend. May the soul of his Mother rest in peace.)

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