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Peter Gideon [Rivaz 1956-67] passed away

We have just been informed that Peter Gideon [Jimmy Gideon’s younger brother] died of a heart-attack the night of July 18th 2012 at Kotdwara Uttarakhand where he had shifted to from Simla several years ago.

We have no other information to share at this time. However, as any further information might become available, we will add it here.

Condolences to Peter’s family.

RIP, Peter.


19 July 2012 UPDATE by Brig. H.S. Nagra

Have just spoken with Peter’s Son, Vivaan. The funeral is being held sometime tomorrow morning at Kotdwar itself. The family is planning a memorial Service for Peter at Delhi on Sunday ( Venue and timing to be finalised yet). Will keep you posted if I come to know.

21st July 2012 UPDATE by AYESHA GIDEON

A memorial service for my Uncle, Peter Gideon, will be held in at the Church of Redemption in New Delhi on Sunday July 22 at 6:00 p.m. sharp. The address is: 1 Church Road, North Avenue.  Directions to get there: once on North Avenue Road; turn right to the Mughal Gardens and then turn left to the Church. The church is next to the Rakab Ganj Gurudawara. The service will be held in the Parish Hall in the church. If anyone needs information they can call me at 98107 30910. Please pass this message on. Thank you for all your help. Regards  – Ayesha Gideon [Peter’s niece].

21st July 2012 MESSAGE from Peter’s daughter SARAH GIDEON in response to all the messages appended below.

Thank you for your kind words and the memories of my dad that you’ve shared. He was full of life and I think his body just couldn’t keep up with him. Bishop Cotton School was an integral part of his life, both when he studied there and when he chose to go back and work there, and it’s extremely touching to see the affection that people associated with BCS have for him. I’m going to miss my father terribly, but I know that now that he’s not confined to his body – he’s going to explore the mountains just they way he used to love doing it earlier in his life. Regards Sarah

James [Jimmy] Gideon – passed away

Jimmy Gideon – BCS 1954-1964 Rivaz house, School Captain in 1964:  

Passed away on the 8th Oct 2010 at Hyderabad India.

We send our heartfelt condolences to his family.

The family is holding a memorial service for Jimmy on 16th Oct 2010 at 5 pm at:

The Sacred Heart Cathedral,
Gole Dakhana Post Office
New Delhi

Messages from Sarah Gideon [Jimmy’s daughter] as posted on FaceBook:

This is a message to all of Jimmy Gideon’s friends and relatives. On the 6th of this month , dad complained of a severe neck pain, and as time passed by he said he couldnt feel any kind of sensation in his legs, he said it felt as if they were “detached”. His condition had worsened by 3.30pm in the afternoon when he was losing his speech, and so by now he was just whispering. Within 20mins and before we could call the ambulance he had become unconcious.
Dad was admitted in the apollo hospital at 4.35 PM. A CT Scan explained to us by the doctors proved that it was a massive hemorrahage in the brain that occured in the respiratory area, therefore this made the situation a bad one because he had to be on the ventilator as he wasnt breathing on his own. A surgery wasnt recommended as he was in deep coma by then. The next day , ie; 7th, the doctors performed some clinical tests to check his sensorymotor responses, which he failed. But what gave us hope is that he had made the effort to breathe on his own for a whie.
Throughout the doctors couldnt give us any hope, they said the chances were even less than a percent. As a family we wanted to think and believe otherwise. Friends and family were supportive, the church stepped in for prayers.

On the 8th early morning at 5 am we were called to the hospital. Dad had passed away. At 4.45 am that morning, he had a cardiac arrest while he was in coma. He passed away peacefully.

We as a family ask you all to keep us in your prayers in this grieving time on the loss of our beloved.