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Announcing OCA India VP 2021-23

Dear OCs

This is to announce the unanimous selection of Mr. Jaspal Sawhney as the incoming Vice President of OCA India for two years 2021-2023 effective from 1st April 2021.

This decision was taken this afternoon [30th March 2021] by the Selection Committee of OCA India .

Our heartiest congratulations to Mr. Sawhney & wishing him all the very best.

D. SIngh Jaaj & All Office Bearers of OCA India.

PS: My term as President OCA INdia concluses on 31st March 2021 and it has been a pleasure to serve our great Association & our School while on its Board of Governors.
– D. SIngh.


New Committee for OCA Delhi [NCR] Chapter

Dear OCs
The new committee for OCA Delhi Chapter was formed and confirmed on 26th August 2020. The meeting could not be held earlier due to covid precautions.

  • K.Vijay Singh – President
  • Ashwini Virk – Vice President
  • Jaspinder Kochar – Secretary
  • Gurvinder Kochar – Jt.Secretary
  • Anurag Batra – Treasurer
  • Dr.Romesh Lal – Member
  • Ashwani Nanda – Member
  • Jaspal Sawhney – Ex President
  • Harpreet Khatkar – Ex.Secretary
  • Chetan Singh – Co-opted Member
  • Anil Soni – Co-opted Member
  • Rajesh Bhalla – Co-opted Member

President OCA Delhi Chapter.

Jaspal Sawhney : Thank you all

Dear OCs

Bishop Cotton School, Shimla – Sesquicentennial Celebrations

I am to thank each one of you, those who came to the celebrations, and those who could not, for contributing to the spirit of the celebrations.

Each function was a tremendous success and well attended. Frankly, none of the organizers could have forecast such a good attendance. The functions could not have succeeded without team work, and I am grateful, personally, and on behalf of OCA to everybody who put in so much time and effort to make the functions memorable. I wish to specially thank the following

  1. Board of Directors & Deep Anand who gave the vision for the functions.
  2. The headmaster along with his staff members, who meticulously charted every minute of the celebrations. The ambiance and the food provided at the dinner on 2nd October was something to dream off. John Whitmarsh Knight, Ms. Prabhudas, Mr. Mathews who put up with my numerous queries and requirements on a daily basis.
  3. Sukhinder Singh & Ajay Thiara who organised the evening at Chandigarh which went on till the wee hours of the morning. The train journey from Kalka to Shimla along with the lunch at Barog which was full of nostalgia. The Punjabi lunch on 3rd October, and, of course, arranging for Adnan Sami to perform for us.
  4. Students of BCS who performed at the musical play which could very easily have received a standing ovation at any theatre on Broadway. The school teams of cricket and football who made us heady with wins against Aitchison College, Lahore. Mrs. Joy Michael for producing the musical play.
  5. Narinder Chauhan, Harish Janartha, DM Sud, Pritinder Singh who provided all the local logistics support and the wonderful setting at the dinner at hotel Peter Holf.
  6. Anupam Thapa for his tireless work to put together the coffee table book which was sold out in the first day itself.
  7. Chandan Ratra who managed and coordinated with all the various players and put together the logistics for the BCS play and the musical evening.
  8. Rajpal Duggal and Ashwini Virk who coordinated the memorabilia as well as the hotel accommodation at Shimla.
  9. K.C.Anand who managed the coup de tat by bringing the headmaster of Aitchson College along with his football and cricket team to play against BCS.
  10. Anil Advani who constantly updated messages on the web so that all participants were aware of the events which would unfold. Wendy Dewan and SS Rai who gave me their inputs in respect of functioning of the OCA
  11. Anil Mehra for giving me his unstinted support on every occasion, whether I was right or I was wrong.
  12. Parmeet Sawhney who managed the PR and the press and ensured coverage of the various events in spite of grave setbacks.

In addition to the above, many many OC’s, staff members, Cottonians contributed, the list of which would go on and on .

Thank you all.

Best Regards,
Jaspal Sawhney

BCS Sesquicentennial celebrations – ID tags

Dear OC’s 
We hope that all participants for the sesquicentennial celebrations have registered with either Shimla chapter, Chandigarh Chapter,or Delhi Chapter.  All registrants will be issued ID tags. We have made arrangements with caterers on basis of ID tags issued.
Entry to dinning areas will be restricted to those people who show ID tags only.  Children of OC’s will not be allowed entry into the dining area. 
All OC’s are kindly requested to note the above and to cooperate with us in the above matter. 

Best Rgds,
Jaspal Sawhney

BCS Sesquicentennial Celebrations – a few hotel rooms still available at Shimla

Dear All,

We have less than 3 months to go before we meet in Shimla to celebrate the sesquicentennial of BCS . We have confirmations from 100 couples . However, I feel there are many more who have not applied their mind whether they will attend or not.

This is to bring to the notice of all OC’s who desire to attend the celebrations that Cecil, Clarkes, Woodville  have no more rooms available.

However, OCA (India) are holding some block bookings at Hotel Combermere, Hotel Holiday Home and Hotel East Bourne.

As per my earlier mails, these will be allotted on first come first serve basis. I urge all those OC’s who require accommodation at these hotels to contact me or my secretary Ms. Kala Raman so that the balance rooms can be allotted. Please note that once the rooms are allotted, we shall not be in a position to arrange more accommodation. 

Best Regards,

Jaspal S. Sawhney