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BCS Etchings / Jal Boga

Dear All,

Ms Meher Boga was kind enough to send a memento gifted to her father, Jal Boga, to my younger brother, Ajay Bhumitra (Maxy) who has sent it on to me. Thank you, again, Meher.

The memento is a reproduction of pen and ink sketches of different parts of the School, titled “A Unique Collection of Etchings on Bishop Cotton School”  with a write up describing the history of  each of these heritage structures. These sketches were then put to print. It is truly a keepsake and a lovely reminder of the architectural elegance that dots the campus. They have a history as well that certainly needs to be preserved when the byword is “modernisation” these days.

The whole series of sketches and their printing was sponsored by:

Subhash Goyal (Ibbetson), IS Bawa, HS Bawa and DS Bawa (Rivaz), Sukhinder Singh (Lefroy), KS Bhaia(Concord Travels). It would appear that this extravagantly printed piece was produced  around 1986. I recall Jal Boga visiting India for an OCA lunch around that time. I had the privilege of collecting him from the airport !!

The entire presentation has been scanned into a PDF file and accompanies this mail as an attachment. The original piece is being couriered to Ms Deepa Kennedy for safe keeping since she is currently in charge of OCA matters at School.



Vijay Khurana

Etchings – Jal Boga collection

A much remembered figure: Jal Boga

Jal Boga had written in years ago and his letter was published online September 25th 2011.

Subsequently we heard from Mr Boga’s daughter, Meher Boga, that her father had passed on around a year ago. The original letter from Jal, the many comments and messages of remembrances, and also the recent exchange are available via a link appended below. Jal Boga remains one of those “larger than life” figures of Bishop Cotton School and continued to shine in his career and endeavours after BCS

Here is the link. We are adding a few of photos to make the connection.

Jal Boga : photo sent by Meher Boga

Lord and Lady Mountbatten (BCS in 1947) A visit to Bishop Cotton School by Lord and Lady Mountbatten. Also in the photograph : Prefects R. Button (I) and Inderjeet Singh (C).

BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE [at Bishop Cotton School]

BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE [at Bishop Cotton School]

The Best Years Of My Life:

My parents settled in Lahore decided to try for my admission at B.C.S where a nephew of my Late Father, Rustom Boga studied in the late 20’s. I was admitted to the Preparatory School situated at Chota Simla in March 1945 and recall Boarding a train at Lahore on around the 10th March,1945 and it was part of the Frontier Mail carrying fellow school mates who were travelling from Peshawar to Kalka via Lahore, Amritsar, Jullundar and Ludhiana to Kalka. We had a short stop at Kalka before Boarding the train around 6 AM to Simla which was about a 6 hour journey with numerous stops. It was an experience travelling on a mountain train which passed through about 100 tunnels. The main attraction was Jetoog/Behrogh where we had a short stop to fill the belly and thereafter I recall the stop at Tara Devi where Kevinter had their farm. We were escorted to the school around 2PM and after a tiring journey were moved to our Dormitory. I was admitted to Cotton House and my house Master was Mr. Shalom and later Mr.Murray. The Headmaster was Mr. Priestly with his wife in attendance to look after us. This was the first time I had left home and the first week was tough for most of the new faces. However, we were very comfortably looked after and fed and soon settled down to a very well organized and settled life. My first friend was Ramesh Bhasin who assisted me in settling down and finding my feet and as time went on the group of mates increased with Derek Crowl, Durrani, Ali Afridi, Niaz-ul-Haq, Persis, Ifti Malik, Mcdowell, Edrich etc.

Among the staff the name of a Mr.Shalom and Jones comes to mind who assisted us in our development and Dunda Hawkes-the Physical Training Instructor who had retired from the Army and was a boxing Champion in his day. I was at the Prep School for 2 years-1945 and 1946. In early 1946 Mr. Priestly left and an Old Cottonian Col. A.E.R Bruce took over as the Head Master. These 2 years at the School played a significant part in my development as the Staff were committed in assisting the country in producing men of character who would take the country and World forward. Apart from taking us for outings regularly to Chota Simla they also took us to some beautiful spots and the one I still recall is Brockhurst. We also visited the Main School on various occasions and they were mainly to view the Inter School fixtures between B.C.S. and Sanawar and we followed the path through the woods to the main school and entered where there was a Birds House in which a variety of birds were held. We watched the School’s matches against Sanawar from the 1st Flat which was covered and was the entrance to the Swimming Pool and the Gymnasium.

I moved to the Main School in 1947 and the year brought new challenges which added to my vision of the outside World as I witnessed the School go through a very traumatic and upsetting period. The School went through a very trying and difficult year in August 1947 at the time of Partition of India when a very large segment of our mates departed for their homes in Pakistan. The Head Master Mr. Drake and Staff at the time Mr. & Mrs. Fisher, Mr. & Mrs. Brown, Mr. Papworth, Mr. & Mrs. Murrey assisted us greatly in settling down. Continue reading