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SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Iqroop Singh Chopra

Dr. Iqroop Singh Chopra (Lefroy, 1975 – 1983) currently based in Cardiff (Wales) is making waves as a top Consultant Spinal Surgeon in the UK.


In 2014, he was appointed CHAIRMAN, Education & Training, British Association of Spinal Surgeons (BASS) – a rare honour for an Asian origin Surgeon.

He is now courted by top hospitals worldwide to lecture and mentor surgeons for his groundbreaking non – invasive surgical procedures. He regularly lectures in the US and Europe but has made it his personal agenda to further educate surgeons in India….

Been in the news again when he recently visited PGI, Chandigarh… (see link below)


Dr. Iqroop Singh Chopra is also the recipient of the coveted Full School Blazer (Academics – 1983) ……. Affectionately called ‘Smiley’ in school, he is also fondly remembered for his portrayal of Shylock in the school play – A Pound of Flesh (1983).

Additionally, there is a little known fact that he was the youngest surgeon (at the time) to successfully complete his DNB degree (Neurosurgery) from India.