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Re: Protocol for Old Cottonians

The matter relating to visits of OCs to the school was discussed with the Headmaster and he was informed of the apprehensions expressed by some members of being shut out of the campus and not being allowed to visit their Alma Mater.

Mr Robinson assured me that the old boys are always welcome to visit the school but the entry of visitors has to be balanced with the need to avoid disturbance of school routines and the present day security issues ( regarding which he has received a communication from state authorities). Hence, OCs are advised to call and seek permission before visiting the school and, if this was not possible, to wait  awhile at the gate while the security gets a clearance from the Headmaster/Senior Master.

In addition, he assured me that they can visit anytime from 3pm to 5pm on weekdays and through out the day on Sundays when classes are not in session.
It must be understood that students do get disturbed when classes are in session and visitors are seen on the first flat.

I would also like to request the Chapter Heads to issue some sort of ID cards for OCs as this would make it easier to distinguish them from other visitors and meet the needs of security. They must also maintain proper decorum on their visits and not create any disturbance as, by doing so, they shall set an example for the school kids to emulate.

Thanks and regards,
BM Singh
President OCA India

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Protocol for Old Cottonians

The following email was received by the President / OCA India from Mr. Roy C. Robinson Headmaster of Bishop Cotton School for circulation to all OCAs and OCs:

From: headmaster <headmaster@bishopcotton.com>

Date: Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 4:41 PM
Subject: Protocol for Old Cottonians
To: B. M. Singh; Sukhinder Singh; Narinder Chauhan

The President, Old Cottonians Association All India
The President, Old Cottonians Association Northern Chapter
The President, Old Cottonians Association Himachal Chapter

Dear Presidents of the Various Old Cottonians Associations

I write to you with a reasonable submission, whereby you are requested to make it known to all Members of the Old Cottonians Associations that common courtesy and decency as well as etiquette and protocol demands that any OC wishing to visit the School, ought to intimate and get prior consent before doing so. This unfortunately is not being practiced and I have had the sad and ugly experience of OC’s landing up and demanding entry into the School campus, sometimes at fairly unreasonable hours with the extreme expectation that The Headmaster would roll out the red carpet for them as and when they so desire it, which unfortunately is not possible. They sometimes throw their weight around and indulge in name dropping etc. to get entry. 

I would request you as Presidents of the various chapters to make this known to all concerned so as to avoid future embarrassment on all sides.

Yours sincerely,

R.C. Robinson
The Headmaster
Bishop Cotton School, Shimla 

EDITOR: Please see the update from OCA India on 1st October 2013


Message from OCA India – 4th Dec 2009

Gentlemen apologies for the delay in response from our end. I was travelling and Mr Anand was out of station.

Most importantly I would like to bring to your notice that the various Old Cottonian chapters have been able to collect just under 3 lakh rupees (some money is still being tracked as in they have not reached the accounts yet but we know they have been donated – OCs are again requested to send their contributions to the Himachal chapter / OC account as this will ensure full accounting and proper disbursal). The final number, in terms of OC donations will be announced at the AGM which is currently slotted for February. The HP chapter has taken the onus of ensuring appropriate disbursal of the funds collected for Mr.Vasisth

A question has been raised as to why the AGM has not been conducted in November. The OC Association Memorandum states that the AGM should be conducted every year in February. We have followed that norm over the last 5 years.

 Your elected members apologise again for the delay in replying to your emails. We are also grateful for your support in terms of contributions from all of you. To quantify those contributions by you, the OCA has been able to raise the money available, at the end of each year, to the Association (put simply – money raised less disbursals). To give you an indicator it was 23 lakh (post disbursals) in 2004-05. Each year after that saw an increase and we were able to get 41 lakh (post disbursals) in 2007-08, that is 70% higher than 2004-05. This money has been invested.

2008-09 is under audit and this year’s year-end number is expected to be the highest ever as the Sesquicentennial saw record donations from OCs across the world! Thank you once again for those donations and your support.

Lastly, we hope you enjoyed the sesquicentennial celebrations.


Col R Dewan (Rivaz 1947 – 54, Staff 1990 – 2003)

BCS Sesquicentennial celebrations – ID tags

Dear OC’s 
We hope that all participants for the sesquicentennial celebrations have registered with either Shimla chapter, Chandigarh Chapter,or Delhi Chapter.  All registrants will be issued ID tags. We have made arrangements with caterers on basis of ID tags issued.
Entry to dinning areas will be restricted to those people who show ID tags only.  Children of OC’s will not be allowed entry into the dining area. 
All OC’s are kindly requested to note the above and to cooperate with us in the above matter. 

Best Rgds,
Jaspal Sawhney