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Gaurav Bikram Singh Chauhan conferred a VAYU SENA medal [gallantry]

It is a matter of great pride for all OCs that Wing Commander Vikram Gaurav Bikram Singh Chauhan, a fellow OC, has been conferred a Shaurya Chakra  VAYU SENA MEDAL (GALLANTRY) [correction done as per message from Wing Comander Tyagi below] as per citation signed by Air Chief Marshal N A K Browne for his exceptional courage and presence of mind in an exercise in the Pokhran range. We all congratulate him and wish him every success.

B.M. Singh
President / OCA INDIA

Phenomenal escape from a doomed SU-30

This message was seen on a FB Group posted by former BCS HM Mr. Kabir Mustafi:

Himachal fighter pilot gets Vayu Sena medal.
By: Baldev S Chauhan August 15, 2013 15:26

Baldev Tiger Chauhan is an OC but also long time journalist. Balbir, Baldev’s elder brother retired as one of the top IAS officers in Himachal. Poonam Chauhan was one of our most admired colleagues at Bishop Cotton. Gaurav & younger brother & scamp Saurav [both Rivaz; 95 & 98 respectively – I think] were wickedly affectionate students of mine. Both were selected for the NDA and IAF but Saurav preferred to go in for a degree in law. Impossible to say how proud I am. And not a little unsurprised. Extraordinary clarity and strength always visible. Only find it difficult to believe he is already a Wing Commander. Next I’ll hear MD’s a Colonel. Like Nigel Barretto and Rohit Mandotra and Col Amitpal Singh among more and more, including Kunal Verma who was part of the British Army! God’s blessings and our deep and abiding affection.
K & KM

herewith a pretty graphic account –

Wing Commander Gaurav Bikram Singh Chauhan of Shimla , Himachal Pradesh has been awarded the prestigious Vayu Sena gallantry medal this Independence Day today.

In a citation signed by Air Chief Marshal N A K Browne the award comes “In recognition of the courage and extreme professionalism in handling a grave aircraft emergency on 19 Feb 2013.”

Wing Commander Chauhan was involved in a major Indian air force exercise when the incident took place near Jodhpur Rajasthan earlier this year.

He is currently posted in Defence Services staff college , Wellington, Tamil Nadu . Wing Commander Chauhan is the son of B.S.Chauhan a retired IAS officer .

Only six air force officers have been given the Vayu Sena Medal this year by the president of India .

Below is a link to Wing Co Chauhan’s detailed award citation released by the Air Force. Makes for compelling reading.

On Feb 19 this year, an Indian Air Force Su-30 crashed in the deserts of Western India ahead of the ‘Iron Fist’ war game. Both pilots punched out safely, and the weapon systems operator in the rear cockpit has now been recommended for gallantry decoration. We now have the details of why. This detailed description of what happened has been released for the first time by the IAF. Amazing stuff: