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BCS’s Festival of the Differently Abled – FODA

Not only does BCS run a Learning Support Centre in the Junior School, but normally in September children gather from all over Himachal Pradesh at our BCS campus for ‘FODA’ – a two day festival for special children.
On the first day the teams arrive and in the evening they have a cultural program in the Irwin Hall in which they sing and dance and exhibit their talent which is followed by dinner in the Junior school where gifts are distributed. The children have a sleepover camp in the Junior School. The next day after breakfast a sports function is organised on the third flat which is followed by a Mela on the fourth flat with various stalls of games and food for the children to enjoy.
This FODA festival was Mrs Kamini Mustafi’s (Ex-Junior School Head) vision which she started in 2000. She wanted to give a platform to these special children who could exhibit their talent and provide a source of enjoyment to these special children. This has now become a regular feature of our BCS calendar.
Sadly this year we were not able to run this FODA function due to the pandemic. It is amazing to see our BCS kids working with these special children. The amount of care and empathy shown by them is incredible and it is a great learning experience for them all.