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Happy Diwali!

May your celebrations bring much joy & happiness!

Please pass on to Cottonians around the world for our Fellowship to continue in strength – spreading the Spirit of BCS
God bless dear Patina!
Peter [Stringer] 

BCS batch 1991 celebrate and give back to School


The Batch of 1991 celebrated 25 years of graduating from Bishop Cotton School, and installed the tallest flag pole in all of Himachal Pradesh – 110 feet – with the Head Master Roy Robinson hoisting a massive 30’x15′ Tricolour. A band consisting of Jawans of the Assam Rifles played the Indian National Anthem and presented colors.

(Click for a larger view)

1966 Batch 50th anniversary / 2016 at Simla

1966 batch 50th anniversary 2016
The class of 1966,had their reunion celebrating 50 yrs of passing out from this great institution called Bishop Cotton..
It was record gathering of 18 of us, from all corners of the globe. We had Seereeram come from Trinidad, JMS Aulakh from New Zealand, Mahi form England and Arun Bumitra from USA.
The four days we spend together were the best in a life time.. It was as if none of ever left school. It was the same bonhomie and gossip.

A Katakam. OmPrakash. Ved Seereeram. AK Malhotra. SK Bhalaik. K Vijay Singh.
Standing. R2L
Andy Mahi. Rajpal Singh. K Uday Singh. JMS Aulakh. Ranbir Brar. Arun Bhumitra.
2.At the NGO Udaan, whereby our class started a project to help speciall abled children
3. Ved Seereeram with wife Carrie, who came from Trinidad.
4.Uday’s house for dinner.
Japvir. Rajpal. Bhalaik. Kuttu. AK. Uday. DM. Brar. Katzi. Arun. Ompi. Terry. Mahi.
Sitting. Trini. Sherry.
5.Standing in school.
Rajpal. Katzi. Kuttu. Emma. Mahi. Uday.

Vijay Singh

Click for large view of each photo.

Lance Jones celebrates his 90th birthday

4th January 2014 at the open invitation for all Old Cottonians UK to celebrate the 90th birthday party of Lance Jones (L 35-39), wife of late Bobby Reed (R 41-46) Sheila, Maggie & I attended with a large gathering of his relatives and friends in the local pub at Pirton, HERTS. Daughter Lorna and son Jeff proudly hosted the grand occasion.  On behalf of OCA (UK) I presented Lance with a BCS crest delivered to me years ago by Hashim Khan (I 43-47) from Islamabad, Pakistan.  Our tribute to our oldest UK member and may he enjoy many more happy returns – Bless him!

Peter A Stringer (L 43-47)”

Silver Jubilee Celebration of OCA (India) Northern Chapter – update

Dear OCs,

Further to my earlier communication, wherein you had been requested to contribute with some suggestions to make the forthcoming Silver Jubilee Celebration of OCA ( India ) Northern Chapter a grand success and memorable one.

I now take the opportunity to share with you some of the suggestions which have come in.

  1. A golf Tournament to be played between the OC’s and Old Sanawarians or OC’s, the Old Sanawarians, the DOSCO’s and Mayoties followed by a prize distribution and dinner at Chandigarh.
  2. To get the renovation done of Shankar badminton Hall at school. ( Request has come from the school)
  3. To get 3-4 rooms constructed at school to be used by OC’s whose children are studying in school and other OC’s.
  4. To have a meal at school. The Head master has very graciously offered to host.
  5. To charter a plane to have a celebration at an overseas destination probably Dubai / a South East Asia destination or the UK .
  6. A musical performance at school.

All those OC’s desirous of contributing with more suggestions and wanting to volunteer towards making the celebration a grand success are requested to join and become a part of the Celebration Committee which is scheduled to conduct its first meeting on Monday, 25th March 2013 at the residence of OC Sukhinder Singh, House No. 3, Sector-5, Chandigarh at 5:00 p.m.

An email confirming your attending the meeting would be appreciated.

Kind Regards

Ajay Thiara
Member Executive
OCA Northern Chapter