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Take me….by Himār Arjun Singh

A small poem – just some random thoughts on a late evening – my ode to the beautiful mountains of Himachal.
Take me….
By Himār Arjun Singh
OC 95 | Curzon | Roll No. 291
Economist & Head, Public Policy at Bharti Enterprises
Take me….

Take me to the mountains for I am burdened since long with the pleasures and sufferings of life searching for truth and reality….
The years that have gone by smile back and mock at me for imagining no end of myself in a charade full of deception and ecstasy….
Take me…
Take me to the mountains; the towering heights of which may remind me those forgotten lesson of compassion, kindness and serenity….
Did I live a worthy life is not for me to judge, the judgment of the same is now beyond the realm of my fading individuality….
Take me…

Take me to the mountains in the form of ashes and dust for that’s where I begun and that’s where I would like to finally rest silently…