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Vinod Stokes – Tribute by Deepak Stokes

Best Loser Award.
In our school there was no MVP award because in a team everyone is a MVP. But we did have the highest award “The Best Loser” award. Boxing was compulsory for everyone. When you had someone who fought back like a tiger and lost you got this award “ The Best Loser Award” In 1963, Vinod Bhai was the one who got this award. He had a battered face but was a tiger. The day before
he died I reminded [him] of this award and he gave me that funny smile. I told him that I was now awarding him the best loser award .. his opponent being stage 3 pancreatic cancer.
He never complained despite Whipple surgery; chemotherapy and 1 1/2 year of TPN.. IV fluids. He could not eat a spoon of food. Never complained even once.
This picture was taken 5 minutes before his Whipple surgery. He was well aware of the risks and high mortality rate. Looks like he is going for a wedding . He had no fear.
Love you Bhai

On March 3, 1957 my mother was ill. At the last moment I went shopping for a candy whistle and so we missed the last bus to my boarding school..B.C.S. So at age 7 my “older brother” Vinod age 9 took me to school in a rickshaw around 4 pm. As we entered the school gates he told me in his confident voice “everything will be O.K.”
He has always been there for me.
On August 4, 2022 around 4 pm it was my turn to take him on his last journey from this world. In September of 2019 he was diagnosed to have stage 3 pancreatic cancer. After going through a Whipple procedure and chemotherapy he finally lost the battle to the cancer. The last few days we spent together we talked a lot and in the end I did say “Bhai (brother) everything will be O.K.”. He gave me that smile that only close family and friends understand.
I will miss him. Bhai R.I.P.


Deepak Stokes

A Shout Out to Mr GS Kochhar

A week or so ago, I was in New Delhi for a few short days – and had invited a few people to a party. It so happened that another classmate (Pompei) couldn’t attend, and so as a result, the OC contingent/guests of my party were shifted to another day. This is about that party that GS Kochhar [Lefroy 1963 Batch] then arranged on short notice!

(Currently, am in Nairobi… and on our way to Masai Mara game reserves for a safari trip). As a side note … I must say that even though Kenya and India are similar in poverty/ dirtiness, some Nairobi hotels are very nice indeed — some nicer than US hotels in the same category! (I could elaborate on hotels, their standards and stars at a later time).

Attached are some nice memories of that OC party that Mr GS Kochhar hosted last Sunday. According to Anupam Sachdev, the party was in my honor — but Pompei is in the marketing business, so I take that with a grain of salt!

Instead, I would like to give a shout out to Guljit who arranged guests, drinks and food on less than 24 hour notice! According to me – if anyone can pull this off in the outstanding manner he did — he (or she) is entitled to be anointed an Event Guru!!
Guljit himself was adorned in a very regal outfit — a royal ensemble with an emblem on his Indian coat that would have made the Maharaja of Patiala blush!
His house is decorated in very good taste, matched only with the taste and rare class of whiskies he served to all his guests!
I knew GS quite well in school years — especially since my family knew his — and remember visiting his house in Simla during summer break with my mother.
Then, no contact, never saw him — maybe once in 6 decades!!
Thank you, Guljit, for being such a gracious and generous host!
It was a Fun party!! Proof is attached!
You d’ Event Guru!

[Karanjit Singh – BCS Lefroy 1958-1963]

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In Photos below…
There were just 4 of us from BCS. Others were friends of Guljit’s daughter and a couple of Guljit’s friends (couples).

  1. Guljit Kochhar, middle is outsider Mrs Tara Singh, right is my wife Eera Singh (in red and white blouse).
  2. Outsider, Me, Rakesh Chopra, Anupam Sachdev (Pompei).
  3. Pompei, my wife Eera, Guljit Kochhar, and Rocky Chopra.

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BCS Class of 1963 – a profile

Dear All,

The updated class which includes Ramesh Sinha and Randhir Sahgal.

We could not find the correct coat and tie but did the best that was possible. Yes, I notice the positioning of the necks but that is what was best for the moment but will change their clothes at the earliest when I can locate something more suitable !! However this now has pictures of the whole class for 1963. We miss those who are no longer with us:

Ashok Dina Nath
Harpreet Singh Grewal
Satjinder Singh Grewal
Usum Nimmanheminda
Arun Singh &
Rajive Sawhney

Can each of you write a few descriptive paragraphs about yourselves. Would make for interesting reading while there is an effort to assemble your latest pictures as well !!


Vijay Khurana

You have missed me out. I am still alive. No big deal.


The omission was pure oversight. Apologies, and thankfully you are alive !! No class of 1963 is complete without its academic prima donna !!

Here is the complete list, see attachment, and the numbers allotted against each name is on the basis of the order in which we were standing when the group photograph was taken. The addition of Ramesh Sinha and Bittu Sahgal gives a total of 31 guys in VIth Form that year. Messrs Goldstein and Tuli are the addition 2 that takes the total in this group folder to 33



Huppy Grewal of 1963 Batch at Mt. Abu

Prabhsharan Singh Kang and his wife had been to Mt. Abu as guests of the CRPF’s Internal Security Academy. While doing the rounds of the campus and buildings (which for nearly a century used to be the Lawrence School, Mt. Abu) they saw the honours board, with Huppy’s name as the best officer in 1972 in Outdoor activities. 

Proud of their late class mate as the best cadet for outdoor activities in CRPF Academy’s batch of 1972.

This the 50th anniversary year for BCS Batch 1963.