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OCs in Western Australia

A small group of OC’s and their wives often meet up in Perth Western Australia. On these occasions we usually gather at one another’s homes to talk about our old school days. Though it has been over many years since we were there, the memories come flooding back and we all have a good laugh. A few months ago we were visited by Peter Johans and his wife from Switzerland. He was a bit younger than us, but we enjoyed his company as we would any OC’c that come to Perth W.A. The photo was taken at Peter Rollo’s home in Dianella.

I also enjoyed a trip to Sydney to meet up with Peter Maidment and his wife Hanna. Peter was House Captain of Rivaz House in 1943, while I was with Curzon House. It was great meeting up, as the last time I saw Peter was in Perth in the early 50 ties. We enjoyed a lovely Chinese meal while we recalled our time in BCS. Photo was taken in Chatswood Sydney..
Best wishes to all Cottonians and Old Cottonians…
Dick D’Abreu.