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The Essentials of being a Gentleman Cottonian and a Gentle-Lady Auckieite-Bedian-Chelsea Girl!

The Essentials of being a Gentleman Cottonian and a Gentle-Lady Auckieite-Bedian-Chelsea Girl!

A man needs to organise his wardrobe for the day, the night before.

After the flossing and using Supreme TePe’s flagship toothbrush, my thoughts start collating.

As soon as the face scrub is applied and I  stoop to splash water on my face, the colour scheme starts emerging. By the time I have indulged in pure night cream and moved towards the bed I am fixed on that chequered green shirt ( naturally pure cotton), my  slim fit white jeans. The maroon leather belt complements superbly with the red/green socks…

as I stifle a yawn I have the full picture ( except..*).Yes it’s there. I stare down at myself(!) and am pretty damned pleased.

I  drift away in to the night swimming in millions.

Yes another well done day, another Dollar.

* leaving the cufflinks, bandana and chukka boots for the dawn.

…..On The Science of Dress

Vivek Bhasin
Sharper Edge India

Packing is an art.

Stowage too.

What does one need; what do you need for London? Autumn.

What does she need for Stockholm? Autumn

What do they need for San Jose, Costa Rica. Winter.

What else do you need before it’s too late to relax, too late to rush back.

Yes a Credit Card with wasted cash ‘coz you forgot your Boxers ( Bjorn Borg’s election are sexy but damn are they expensive…)

And the silk patch so easily available but now a visit to Harrods as the salesgirl flirts with you as she wraps your purple patch in reams of crepe paper, ties a lovely little bow. Slips it in  that exquisite golden paper bag and whispers in your ear…’That will be Sixty Pounds Sir…’

……On the Science of Travel

Vivek Bhasin


Hail, the Creator.

Just stepped into the Metro Line 6. Connaught Place to Garden Estate, a non-stop service. Mind the Gap! reminiscent of the London Tube. I got a seat and sat down like a perfect Lady, crossing my knees and tucking my left calf over the right. My court shoes guarding my toes against any beast who may venture in my direction. ..the crowds slowly started filtering in…I mean rushing in..I mean pushing and shoving in..I mean like an avalanche of human bodies and two of these beasts just lost their grip and came crashing down on me as my Gucci spectacles slid down my nose and dangled precariously under my chin. I remember my last date in Cairo always doused himself with Attar that concentrated smell of rose oil with some other lovely connection. I used to swoon in his arms but always took a deep breath to outwit the heavy perfume. Line No 6 has no perfume, no deodorant and no Attar. It’s PURE BO.  My lithe body now pressed by mountains of flesh and these beasts breathing on my face…Body Odour, Body Odour and the over chilled AirCon. Yukuty Yuk, Yuk and another Yuk.   I pulled a brave face and hummed under my breath..’And the love you gave me, nothing else can save me.. S. O. S.’

I arrived home in a stretcher with this handsome man gently caressing my face and looking at me with his sad doe eyes.  He was perfectly groomed and smelt of Aqua de Genoa a heady mixture of Bulgar Roses, Tuscany Oranges and Sandalwood.

…The Science of Grooming
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