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Anil Johar passed on

Old Cottonian ANIL JOHAR passed away 21st September 2016.

Here are some messages from some of his friends and batch mates

Dear All,

I received the following message from Badal

“Sad to inform you …. Anil Johar…..Rivaz house…..Kicked it on the 21st of September….Kindly circulate”

I gather from other friends that Anil Johar, whom we had located some months ago, passed away on account of kidney problems. He had been unwell for some time.

With his passing away, the image in my mind of three friends, Robin William, Krishen Sikand and Anil Johar, standing so often huddled in some conversation or the other near the tennis court on the driveway leading to the School hospital remains even more firmly etched. All three no longer remain with us and of this lot Anil was the most sensitive, humour filled, naive and “innocent” person. You just could not dislike the guy. May God keep him in his arms. Rest in peace.

Warmly, Vijay (Khurana)

That was really sad -I had planned to meet him in Mumbai on my next trip .

You are so right – Krishan Sikand ,Anil Johar and Robin William was a trio . They used to smoke in those huddled up places.

We are all in the last leg -so enjoy everyday as if it was the last .

Cheers, Sudhir Kashyap

Sad to know that he has passed on. I did speak to him last Jan/ Feb and suggested that we meet up during my visit to Mumbai but he declined as he said he was’nt in a position to meet.

Another one of ’61 batch gone !

Sukhinder Singh

One by one the candles are being extinguished by the wind.

This is why the Dalai Lama once said to me quietly: “It is your duty to be happy everyday of your life.”


Bittu Sahgal,
Editor, Sanctuary Asia,
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Nariman Point
Mumbai 400 021

Really very sad to hear the sad news of Anil Johar passing awwy.
I have fond memories of him and his jokes.
My condolences to the family, if you have the contact

Moni Kohli

Sorry to hear about Anil I can see him tall and lanky with a great smile may God rest his soul

RS Sodhi

When someone close or a childhood friend dies, we take it as a tragedy and send condolences. But life in itself is not everything. It is a temporary state in the eternity of God’s mind. If an individual has evolved to the point God is satisfied, s/he is freed of the cycle of life and death. Perhaps instead of mourning Anil, we should cheer him on with our hopes that God may call him home for good; and if God is not satisfied, may Anil at least be reborn in a better life.
Ravi (Rikhye) 1962