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Andreas Kirschner [Rivaz 1946-50]

Sadly, I want to inform you of the demise of a Cottonian.  I have written a short message below which could be added to the next issue. 

Kind regards,
Behram Irani
(Lefroy 1950-54)
Geneva, Switzerland.

Andreas Kirschner, younger brother of Kasper passed away in Switzerland on December 5th, 2021.

Andreas had become a dear friend of ours as he had family in Geneva.  

Andreas was a true gentleman in every way with a brilliant mind and always shared stories with us.  He had a long career with ABB in Switzerland.

Andreas and his brother Kasper arrived in Shimla without a word of English.  Soon, they took over academically and in various sports, especially swimming and won numerous prizes.  He leaves behind his daughter, son and grandchildren.

May his soul receive eternal rest.