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Reunion 50 years Batch of 1961 + Change of dates:

The School will be closed for the ten days from 2nd Oct – 12th October, both days included. The Headmaster would also not be available during this period as he too would be out of town. He expressed his wish to honour the ’61 Sixth formers’ in an Honourable manner. The boys would be too close to the exams after the Break, therefore no date available later.

He has suggested that we get together in Shimla on the 23rd and 24th September when there would be Cultural Programme on the 23rd, and Sports for the differently-abled on the 24th. He would like have prizes given by the ’61 Sixth formers’. He would like to host a dinner for us on the 24th night at the School.

Bearing the above in mind, I have tentatively booked 15 Rooms at the Eastbourne Hotel near the School, (next to the Grotto, after the first Bridge at the finishing Leg of the Marathon) for the 23rd, 24th nights.

Chandigarh 22rd September, 2011.
Shimla 23th September, 2011.
Shimla 24th September, 2011.
Barog 25th September, 2011.
26th Morning disperse.

Please note that there has been a pre-ponement of the dates.
I am going ahead and making the arrangements as above. There would be no further changes.

Please plan your calendar for the month of September accordingly. I am hoping that all of you who have confirmed so far, make a note of this change.
Curse me for it, accept it, and attend happily.

The request goes to all who wish to attend, the more the merrier. 15 rooms have been booked tentatively; we have time to book more.

Confirmation is desperately required from all.

Sudhir [Chottu] Khanna

1961 batch reunion

The Class of 1961 is planning a reunion this year. They are searching for their class mates. They are also trying to figure out possible names of people who may missed the photo shoot. Any assistance would be appreciated in preparing a data base of addresses, phone numbers etc including details of the families of those who have passed away. They would also like to get in touch with these families to share their memories.

Do please assist in any manner you can and that would be appreciated.

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