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Namche Bazar (3400m/11,100ft)
Day 6

The air is getting thinner, I arrived at Namche (land of Sherpa) yesterday.
Our landing in lukla on the 6th morning was a greaser and after getting our duffle bags and logistics we made our downhill trek to Phakding (2610m) which took about 3 hrs. The weather God was not kind as it showered throughout.
Spent the night in comfort at Sunrise lodge at Phakding.
The next morning after breakfast, we headed for Namche.
A sunny day to start with, trek was a real beauty with tea houses to do stopover’s.
The trail is getting crowed, with many tourist wanting to visit Everest Base Camp.
Lunch stop was at Monjo guest house, which we reached in about 3 hrs. It was delicious spread. Having a good appetite is an indication of your body getting acclimatised.
We left with rain gods not being kind, for our uphill climb to Namche.
We crossed many suspension bridges, across the rivers. Clicked pictures of the trail and enjoyed my height gain. Took us about 3 hrs to reach Namche.
We gained about 810m from Phakding. Today is our rest day at Namche. Did some height gain and look around the local market to buy out any things which was left out and treat myself with a blueberry cheese cake.
Staying healthy and eating well is important on 50 day expedition like Everest.
Missing folks back home.
Jai Hind

09/4 Khumjung 3780m/12398ft
10/4 Tengboche monastery 3860m/12661 ft
11/4 Dingboche 4410m/14475ft
12/4 Lobuche 4910m/ 16200ft
13/4 Lobuche 4901m/16200ft ( Rest Day)
14/4 Everest Base Camp 5380m/ 17652ft
15/4 EBC 5380m/17652ft ( rest day)

Oxygen down to 55% at Everest Base Camp. My home for 45 days at 17700 ft and higher as I arrived here yesterday.
It’s been snowing since 5 days, no communication, since my last post from namche. We treked on from namche to Khumjung 3780m. It was a short trek which took us 2 hrs.We spent a night and visited the local monetary. Next morning we moved on to thyangboche monestry 3800m. It was a steep climb. Visited the local monestry and joined them for prayers. All Evening’s we experienced snow fall, and windy conditions. Next morning we left for Dingboche 4410m. Enroute we stopped at panboche monestry and took blessings from the local lama for the safe climb. We reached Dingboche which was a long trek and good gain in altitude. It snowed all through night and we all rested in the dining area. Early morning we pushed for further climb to Lobuche 4910m. Very demanding trek which took about 5 hrs. At Thukla pass, we came across the monuments which were raised for all the climbers who perished on Everest. It was an emotional moment to see the names of famous climbers.
After paying tribute we moved to Lobuche. Next morning we had a wonderful day with lots of sunshine. Previous night it had snowed all evening. Just got back from an acclamation walk for about 3 hrs. Staying strong, positive, eating well and hydrating with ltrs of water is my routine.
I have arrived at Everest Base camp 5380m/ 17,700ft where we will spend close to 45 days to prepare for higher camps. We trekked through gorekshep. The lateral moraine was with lots of boulders to negotiate. Journey took about 5 hrs. The Thin air is hitting hard. I had headache. Our body needs to get use to this thin air. Will keep on acclimating for the higher camp as per the Everest rotation’s.
Will keep sharing posts as n when I have communication. Keep praying for the expedition. Love back home.
Jai hind.

22/4/18! Update

Mt Everest 2018 update


16/04 EBC 5380m/17652ft
17/04 Lobuche 4910m/16200ft
18/04 lobuche High Camp 5200m
19/04 lobuche Summit 6119m/20070ft
20/04 EBC 5380m/17652ft (Pooja)
21/04 EBC 5380m/17652(rest day)
22/04 EBC 5380m/17652ft (ice climbing)

My body is tired after summitting Lobuche East peak 6119m/20070ft as per the Everest rotation. Post arriving at the base camp, we had two rest days. Organising of my tent and checking my climbing gear was the drill for the 2 days. Then following morning we moved back to lobuche post breakfast. Felt tired reaching lobuche as it was a long trek back, kept my self hydrated and relaxed through the evening. Dinner was with the briefing for tomorrow’s plan. Slept well through the night.
The next Morning was relaxed and moved on to lobuche peak high camp post early lunch. The trek took us about 3 hrs with bad wx in the early evening. We retired early post dinner. 1 am the next morning was the wake up and with all climbing gear we moved around 2am to climb the peak. It was very cold, temp below freezing but a clear night. We negotiated rocks and ice to move higher. Post 30
Min we wore our crampons to
move in ice and snow. Technical route where we had to use a Jumar to climb through the exposed area. Sun rise was at 0600 hrs. Felt good as was exhausted climbing the steep sections through the night.
Body was cold and hands at times had no sensation even wearing ice climbing gloves throughout.
Kept rubbing my fingers through my climbing. Last 200m of climb
was very steep and exposed. Jumaring with safety was with the harness, was the drill through the climb. Reached the summit of Lobuche East 6119m/ 20070ft at 0745 hrs . The ascent was close to 800m from the base camp. I was tired on reaching. I spent close to 0130 hrs at the top. Felt good. Visibility was clear and saw all the magnificent peaks around from top. We were anchored to the top, as the summit was very small with huge drops around. Ate some chocolate, drank water n then moved down slowly. Had to rappel with caution. Reached base around 12 pm. Relaxed at tent and ate my lunch. Around 3 pm moved back to lobuche for a good night rest.
Left early the following morning for the uphill climb to EBC for the Pooja ceremony.
The climbing Sherpa and the climbers take the permission from
the goddess Everest for climbing. It’s a strong belief and the ceremony is conducted by the Lama. We all were blessed. I felt great being a part of the Pooja.
We had a Sherpa dance and all enjoyed the eve with music. Retired post dinner. washing of clothes and a wet wipe bath was my routine for the following day. Relaxed through the eve with cleaning my tent.
Today was the day spent doing Ice climbing on the Khumbu glacier. Ladder crossing drills. It was a fine wx with lots of sunshine.
My bday celebrations were done at EBC.
ASIAN trekking my logistic partner for my climb were great in making a cake. Celebrated with my fellow Sherpa’s and team members. I thank everyone for being a part.
Miss being home and with my loved ones. I pray daily for their well being and ask the mighty Everest to give them strength and courage.
I thank everyone for ur wishes and support.
Jai Hind.


23/04 EBC 5380m- pumori high camp (5850m)
24/4 EBC 5380m- 5880m(Khumbu ice fall)
25/04 EBC 5380m (acclamation walk)
26/04 EBC 5380m (acclamation climb 300m)
27/04 EBC 5380m (rest day)
28/4 EBC 5380m-camp1 6000m
29/4 camp1 6000m-camp2 6410m
30/4 camp2 6410m-EBC 5380m
01/5 EBC 5380m (rest day)
02/5 EBC 5380m (rest day)
I am very grateful for your prayers for my father. He has arrived home yesterday post his surgery. I am grateful to Guru for taking care of him.
I was out of communication as I was at the higher camps, so there was a delay in the post.
Feeling stronger by day, but need to watch out for every step at higher altitude. Keeping warm, eating well, specially when not feel like, staying positive in my thought process, when u see the immense Khumbu icefall just right in front of you.
Post puja ceremony we went for our acclamation climb to pumori high camp which took about 2 hrs. Gained some altitude, spent some time there and moved back to camp for lunch. Post lunch are spent relaxing in tent, listening to music and reading a book. Mind needs to be occupied to avoid negative thoughts. Evenings are relaxed in the dining tent and formulating plans for next day. Following day we moved around 3:30am towards camp1 on mighty Everest.
All night we carefully traversed the Khumbu icefall. It’s the zone where many climbers have perished. Many crevasse’s were crossed over ladder and we were always worried about the avalanches as they are quite frequent during night and day. Hope to always be clear of their path. Reaching at 5900m, we spent some time at the altitude and then moved down back to base. Round trip was close to 9 hrs. Tired of the climb, ate, hydrated and rested to recover.
Following day went for a walk around the EBC. Need to keep active on restdays. Next day was followed by another climb to a near by peak for acclimation. Post lunch is rest and recover. Keeping a close watch on weather report, as have reports of high winds and snowfall as we have to head out for camp1 and camp2 on Everest for our 3rd rotation.
Got up at 1:45 am. Had packed my stuff last night. Got into climbing gear and had breka. Left at
03:40 am, reaching spcc 2, one of our climber got sick, hypothermia. She was sent back with the Sherpa , later checked she was doing fine. route to camp1 was very long. When the sun was out it was a killer. Temp was around 38C. I was totaly dehydrated. I kept a slow pace to make it to camp 1. The icefall was very scary with 100,s of crevasses. Many ladders were crossed. Rested in between to have packed lunch. We were out of water. lips were dry and the climb was not ending especially the last hr.
Arrived at camp 1’at 1315 hrs. It was getting cold and I shared my tent with siso from South Africa. We
relaxed and were given black tea followed by noodle soup. Sleep time was around 1740.’ had a worst night as could not get sleep. No headache but slept for only 2 hrs. Was wide awake at camp1.
The next day at camp1 got up around 5:30. Went for long toilet In open designated area. It was very cold. Night was freezing had to layer my self. Got coffee and biscuits n post which we got ready to leave for camp2. left camp1 around 8 am, had to negotiate crevasse,s and a 40m ice wall. Using Jumar was the key. Post which there were few more ladders to cross and then the stretch was a gentle all the way the till the moraine towards the camps. But the climb was a slow pace as breathing was getting tougher in the thin air at 6400m/21000ft.
On reaching the moraine it was tougher. The climb In total took 04:15 hrs. Arrived at camp2 and had hydrated with hot juice. Relaxed a bit n then had some chai. Post which had dal bhaath, aloo. Been hydrating with lots of water as previous day was bad with hydration and had no breka. Relaxing in tent, hoping to get good sleep later post dinner. Sibusiso is my tent partner. We keep sharing thoughts about climbing and family back home. Evening and night was very cold, could only sleep for few hrs.
 The next morning woke up around 4:40 with very cold temp and a quick ritual, breka at 05:30 and left around 06:40 hrs for EBC. It was a long descent close to 4000 ft to EBC as we were tired since last two days with very little sleep. There wx was very windy. It was snowing all night and  it kept on through the way down.  Had to negotiate the ice wall, and many ladders where I got my crampons stuck and had to remove my crampon on the ladder and cross it, this was a dangerous act. It was a scary moment as the cravese was deep. Further to
this small incident i progressed slowly towards base camp. Was tired and cold, cough has been bothering me since few days. Reached camp, hydrated well and relaxed through the eve. bhakti (daughter) asked when u coming back papa. Just had tears in my eyes. Missing her n my son who is in boarding (Bcs). Visited doc and he gave medicine (antibiotic). Slept well through the night, was coughing on and off. Got up for pee couple of times, thanks for the pee bottle, didn’t have to step out in cold.
Thus it’s few days rest and recover at Base Camp for our final rotation to camp3 on Everest tomorrow. It’s important to acclimatise to higher altitude and become stronger to be ready for the summit push when the weather window opens.
Keep praying for the safety and well being.


3/5 EBC 5380m- camp2 6400m
4/5 camp2 6400m- 7000m-Camp2          6400m
5/5 camp2 6410m- EBC 5380m
6/5 EBC 5380m (rest day)

I am very glad to have completed my 3 Everest rotation as per the schedule laid out by the agency for the climb. God has been very kind to keep me healthy and strong. Asian Trekking my logistic partner and it’s Sherpa team have been very instrumental in pushing me higher into thin air. Returned at base camp yesterday. The drill for now is to eat, rest and recover the energy for the final push for the summit when ever the window opens.
The journey for the last few days was demanding to higher camps. The route through the Khumbu icefall is always intense. The watch out  for the avalanche, giving up of the serace or opening up of the crevasses is a concern for all. Ropes are fixed mostly on all sections. It is a vital importance for all the climber to keep their safety attached through the fixed ropes. Moving across the many ladder’s over the crevasse’s keeps u on watch out. The way to camp1 on the ice fall keeps on changing since each visits because of its nature.
Moving directly to camp2 was tiring, I moved faster through the icefall and felt stronger. My cough is troubling me. Two nights at camp2 was better than the last but very windy and cold. Temp were close to 10 – 15 deg cel below freezing. Nights were not comfortable. Sleeping above 21000ft is not easy. Mind is always running around. Gained  altitude close to 23000ft. It’s tougher moving on within the thin air. The breaths are heavier and you have to be focused on moving every step. Mentally one has to keep pushing to reach ur target. The third day descended to base camp from camp2. refreshing to be at your home at 17700ft. Time now is to do some washing and restore on my energy. Rest days are not  about only relaxing and eating, but doing short hike’s to nearby peaks to keep ur working muscle active.
My congratulations to Jet Airways for their 25 years.
Love to everyone back home.
Jai hind.

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