The Prep School

The Old Cottonians website does not contain much on the Prep School except for one photo of the school in 1945. I am sending you two photos of the prep school buildings taken in 1945.I was a pupil there from 1943 to 1945 and feel that there must be some ex pupils around who would be interested. I myself are in the school photo ,as on the web site. Second row from the back and 10th from the right.

I am also sending a copy of the school song of those days, which was sung in Latin, although none of us knew what the words meant. This is from the Prep School prayer book which I still have, together with the “Cottonian” Victory edition, as well as the school cap and blazer badges.

With my parents I left India in 1949 and now live in New Zealand. I have written my memories of those school days, for my children and grand children , before my memory fades, so that those historic and changing times would not be forgotten.

Brian Walker

Here is a Prep School photo

3 thoughts on “The Prep School

  1. Nitish Grover

    A beautiful article full of nostalgia. I and most of us today did not attend the prep school but it is great to know about it. The values which BCS instilled and continues to instill in all of us past, present and future pupils are what makes this Institution a great heritage. I studied from 1966 to 1971 for six years and those were amongst the best years of growing up.

  2. admin Post author

    The BCS Prep School building and land was handed over in 1961 to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama for the Tibetans in exile to start a Tibetan School.

  3. Sandeep Gupta

    Mr. Brian ………….Thank you for such a lovely account of your prep days at BCS……..It is shameful on my part being an OC that i did not know about the PREP school being in a different campus and the four houses being different then the one i studied in ………….Thank you very much for sharing your personal experience………God Bless you Sir…


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