Headmasters Lodge

Etching sponsored by I. S. Bawa / H . S. Bawa / D. S. Bawa – all of Rivaz House.

The Headmaster’s Lodge, along with the main school building containing classrooms, six dormitories, a small library, quarters for five masters, Chapel of the Holy Trinity, a hospital and quarters for the Sergeant and Matron were erected by Major Innes RE, on a plan furnished by Crawford Campbell Esq, CE. They were built in 1866 in the Gothic style at a cost of Rs.1,74,954.30, less cost of the Chapel and leveling of the “first” and “second” flats.

The first Headmaster Rev. Samuel Slater, who so successfully started and established the school, was the first resident of the lodge.

Customarily, all Headmasters have used the ground floor. The first floor was initially used for “parlour boarders” and at one time the junior library, and Old Cottonians rooms. Currently, the computer room, conference hall and two guest rooms are located on the first floor.

Growing within the gardens of the Headmasters Lodge is the only English Oak of its kind in all of Shimla. The Himalayan elm, the largest of all trees on the 56 acre school campus, stands on the edge the Lodge and over the Headmaster’s office is older than the school – a towering guardian of traditions.

Head Masters
The Rev. S. Slater D.D. 1863 1885
The Rev. H.M. Robinson 1885 1886
The Rev. E.A. Iron MA 1887 1901
The Rev. H.M. Lewis MA 1901 1918
The Rev. R.R. Gillespy 1919 1922
The Rev. W.S. O’Neil MA 1923 1926
The Rev. J.R. Peacy MA, MC 1927 1935
The Rev. Canon G. Sinker MA 1935 1945
The Rev. F.M. Drake BA, BT 1946 1949
Mr. F.H. Fisher BA, BT 1949 1953
Mr. E.G. Carter OBE, MA 1956 1957
Dr. T.M. Dustan, MA, BD, DD 1958 1962
Major R.K. Von Goldstein MBE, MA 1963 1976
Brig. S.J. Mukand MA LT, DP Ed 1976 1986
Mr. R.N. Hakim MA LT 1986 1993
Mr. Kabri Mustafi MA, B.Ed 1994 2004
Mr. Roy Christopher Robinson 2004 2019
Mr. Simon David Weale [MA Oxon] 2020- current [Director/BCS]