SAS MAJOR ROY FARRAN (OC) part of Operation Tambola in a thriller written by Damien Lewis: “SAS Italian Job/ Operation Tambola”

Mr Mike King a dear friend of mine (based in London) whose Father studied at BCS, has sent me a cutting from an English Daily. 
This relates to a historical book on a very unique raid during WWII written by Damien Lewis “ SAS ITALIAN JOB” about two Brit officers who disobeyed orders to stage a raid that helped end the war. One was decorated, Yes SAS Major Roy Farran ( Old Cottonian) whilst the other Captain Lees was denied a medal and denounced by the top brass…. military double cross.

The cutting relates the extraordinary diehards Capt Michael Lees and Special Air Services :SAS Major Roy Farran ( Old Cottonian)! who undertook “ Operation Tambola” in March 1945, smashing through the Nazi formidable “Gothic Line” that was blocking the allies from Italy.
I may recommend / request please you order a few copies of this non-fiction thriller to be placed in the School Library for the young boys to read, understand and absorb the absolute greatness of Major Roy Farran ( his obituary was also published in leading newspapers worldwide )who passed on 02 June 2006.( I will post this cutting to your office shortly).
Tremendous reading I am told and what a pair of mavericks who pushed through with a motley crew of 100 against all odds and emerged victorious. 

A terrible injustice to Capt. Lees; just shows politicians and even top brass sitting on their backsides succeeded in denying any commendation to both, in fact wanted to Court Martial them ! However Major Farran ( Old Cottonian ) was decorated by the US and strongly recommend Captain Lees for the Military Cross.
I mean the Americans decorated Major Farran ( not the British!) and Capt Lees only got awful mouthfuls! What a shame indeed. Truly.
There is a part in the book where Major Farran a legend, who was shackled to his chair with an office job deemed too valuable to risk took up Capt Lees call to arms and moved off with his team (to boost them en route)  but “accidentally tumbled from the plane “ to be part of the 100 was both hilarious but Oh so daring! 
The rag-tag team pulled it off killing 60 German soldiers and burned their base to the ground.
We Cottonians are not ordinary Sir! Each one of us is uniquely special. L. E. G. E. N. D. S!
Three Cheers for Bishop Cotton School. Yesterday , Today and Tomorrow..

Warmest Regards and Every Best Wish,
Capt Vivek Bhasin 
Lefroy 1961-1970

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    Mr. Ronald Goss sent the following link:

    Major Roy Farran
    12:01AM BST 05 Jun 2006
    Major Roy Farran, who died on Friday night aged 85, was one of the most highly decorated soldiers of the Second World War; he was awarded the DSO, three MCs, the Croix de Guerre and the American Legion of Merit.
    But like some other gallant soldiers, Farran did not take easily to the peace he had never expected to see, and in the years that followed he 

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    Posted on BEHALF of Mr. Ronald Goss [Ex BCS Teacher]
    “My wife and I had the privilege of meeting Roy Farran (Old Cottonian) in the late 1960s or early 1970s when he was visiting friends in Vermilion (Alberta). He became the Attorney General of Alberta and was a prominent figure in the province. Stories of his exploits in WW II were widely publicised. He remembered OCs like Fred Brown and Kesir Singh (tuck shop).
    Best wishes to you all,

    Ronald Goss
    (BCS 1956-64)”


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