Minutes of the meeting / OCA India North on 9 March 2014

The annual meet & lunch of the OCA ( India ) Northern Chapter was held at CGA, golf range sector 6, Chandigarh on the 9th of march 2014 ( Sunday ). 

Minutes of the Meeting 

Following matters were discussed

1. State of affairs at Northern Chapter (Chandigarh) – Matters relating to the affairs of the Northern Chapter were discussed in the light of certain communications received. Mr Sidhu (Neetu) apprised the members of developments in this Chapter. It was resolved that the members of the Chapter should conduct their affairs in accordance with the clauses of the amended MOA.

It was advisable that the accounts of Northern Chapter should be kept as a branch or part of the main OCA account and the bank account should be opened with the OCA PAN as this complies with the existing KYC norms.  Other Chapters should also take action on these lines. For clarifications they should contact Mr N.K.Mehra

(2.In respect of the project of Solar water heaters for the improvement in school infrastructure – A quotation from M/s Vatsalyam Enterprises was invited and discussed. It was decided that a quotation from another Vendor would be obtained and then a final decision would be taken.

3. The list of Committee Members and of members of Mumbai Chapter was duly notified to the parent Committee i.e, OCA (INDIA).

4. Delhi Chapter – Mr Jaspal Sawhney apprised the members regarding the donation collected from abroad and the requirement that it has to be expended on improving school infrastructure.

That balance funds of Sesqui celebration account would be transferred to OCA (INDIA) account.

5. Delhi Chapter  was committed to make OC week 2014 a success. Suggestions are openly invited from all members.

Delhi Chapter shall organize a “Dance & Dinner” during the first week of September.

6.  Two members from Delhi Chapter were nominated by Delhi Chapter President Mr J.S. Sawhney to be on the OCA(INDIA) committee as per the MOA. A letter has to be addressed to the Executive regarding this.

7.It was resolved that Identity Cards would be issued to all members of the Association for visiting the school with prior appointment with the school authorities. This would be coordinated  by OCA (INDIA) and further action to be taken by Mr Ashwani Virk.

8. Members were informed that an updated list of OCs with their contact details had been communicated to the Webmaster and to heads of the Chapters. This was prepared incorporating the information available as on 28/02/2014 and modifications and additions to this data would be welcome.