Jerry Godinho interviews Vivek Bhasin about women and empowerment, among other things:


· Women are the essence and driving force behind men’s existentialism in this world. Emotions, love, tolerance, determination and immense strength come from women · The world is truly beautiful because of women … my mother taught me so much in the first five years of my life ·

I love Vivek’s style of writing, eclectic style of dress, Mick Jagger’ joie de vivre and fathomless, ardent love for his alma mater. We both went to a British boarding school, both of us were Lefroyans, he settles in Sweden, I in Canada, his wife is Swedish, mine is Scottish.

I thought I had seen 30 countries and that was a great achievement. Vivek has seen 110. This interview does not do justice to all his achievements. He has been mistaken for the Indian ambassador to the UK, to being mistaken for a vagabond by the New York cops.  As he leaves the corporate world as managing director of Dole Foods, I wanted to get his perspective on life.

We talk about many things but focus on women empowerment and how women have shaped our lives. Get ready for an international fondue of words, experience from someone who is larger than life.

Vivek, I am a big fan of your writing. Welcome, and please tell me something important about you?

Jerry, I super appreciate your wonderful support in my writing; a passion I developed in school and took it forward in my journey through life.

I was at BCS Simla from the age of five. All this happened 59 years ago, but today when I look back at my life, I can never thank my parents enough. They did the right thing. I learned to fend for my self and became a survivor. I became… [continue to read the full interview at Jerry’s blog]

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