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BCS Batch 1969 GOLDEN Jubilee

September 21, 2019 @ 3:30 pm - September 27, 2019 @ 3:30 pm IST

1969 Photo [click the pictures for full view]:
Back row: Dinesh Sud – Vivek Srivastava – Anil Gupta – Vijay Singh – Ravi Thomas –  Thanasak Tipparcorn – Amar Rana – Gurrinder Khanna – Praveen Sachdeva – Ravi Pawa – Adnani – Sadhana.

Middle row: Kanwaljit Singh – Ravi Pandit – Sunil Sood – Robin Nakai – Anil Bhasin – Ravi Charanji – Rajat Mukherji – RS Mehta – Himmat Kahalon.

Sitting: Anil Sood – Taranjit Lehra – Paramjit Nat – Manjit Sembhey – RK von Goldstein – Sunil Singha – Blondie – Ajay Sawaheny – Sekhon.

2017 Photo [click the pictures for full view]:
Arun Bhalaik, Satish Singha, Dinesh M. Sud, Paramjit S. Nat, Himmat S.Khalon, Ravi Thomas, Rajat Mukerji, Jasbir S. Sadhana, Gurinder S. Khanna, Bikram S. Sirsa, Harsimran S. Sarron, Ajay Sawhney, Parveen Sachdeva, Anil Mahajan, Manjit Singh Sehmbey, Ravinder S. Mehta, Robin S. Nakai
DM Sister (Neena Sood), DM Wife (Meenakshi Sud), Ishita Kahlon, Mrs. Mukerji, Kitty Khanna, Mr. Nat, Sangeeta Sawhney, Sareena Sachdeva, Mrs. Sehmbey, Kamini Mehta.


  Wednesday 25th Sept 2019
9:00 AM Special Chapel Service at the Holy trinity Chapel for the batch of 1969 and 1994, Main-school boys, All Teachers & Administrative Staff [Junior and Main School]
9:45 AM High Tea in the Main School Dining Hall for the batch f 1969 and 1994, Teaching & Administrative Staff, and Upper Sixth Form Boys.
10:30 AM Cricket Match : Golden XI vs HM’s XI [Rules **]. To be witnessed by the entire School, Teaching Staff, and Administrative Staff.
1:30 PM Buffet Lunch at Main School Dining Hall. Batch of 1969 and 1994, All Teaching & Administrative Staff, and Upper Sixth Form Boys.
8:00 PM Dinner hosted by the Batch of 1969 at Hotel Marina. Special invitees: The Headmaster, Head – Junior School, Senior Master, Bursar, Admin Officer, House Masters [Curzon / Ibbetson / Lefroy / Rivaz]. WITH SPOUSES.
  Thursday 26th Sept 2019
9:00 AM Art & Craft / Hobbies Exhibition starts, Guests of Honor: BATCH of 1969 and 1994.
10:30AM Tennis Match [Doubles] Golden vs Silver Team
1:00 PM Lunch at Main School Dining Hall. Batch of 1969 and 1994 with the Main School Boys.
6:30 PM Tea & Interactive Session Batch of 1969 & 1994 with the Boys of Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth Forms at the Lister Hall
8:00 PM Head Masters’ Dinner at the Headmasters Lodge for the batch of 1969 and 1994, Staff of BCS [Teaching and Admin], and Upper Sixth Form Boys.
  Friday 27th Sept 2019


Annual School Fete
  ** Rules:
  i. A Tennis Ball will be used
  ii. Batting would be from both sides [applies to Golden XI team only]
  iii. No LBW / Stumping]. Mode of Dismissal: Caught or Bowled. [applies to Golden XI team only]
  iv. No fast bowling by HMs XI
  v. Umpires: One from each side

22nd Sept 2019 update:

The first bunch arrive Manali at Anantmaya Resort [22nd Sept 2019] as a beginning to their Golden Jubilee Celebrations….more to follow as the story unfolds


More group photos:


Uncharacteristic for me, but have to say that I am somewhat lost for words.

It’s been a wonderful 4/5 days.  Loved every minute of it, including the fact that I had to miss out one full day of fun!  All par for the course.

To all of you who were here for these wonderful few days, it was a treat catching up with you folk, a couple of whom I actually met after all of 5 decades.  To those who were unable to make it, you don’t know what you missed.  The arrangements, all along, were perfect in every way.  A very special thanks to DM & Meenakshi for going the extra mile.  Whether or not we’ll all meet again being a toss-up, I at least have the satisfaction of this meeting.

Stay well, stay happy, stay in touch and (while this may well sound like a cliché) Overcome Evil with Good!

Should anyone of you ever decide to head towards south India, you have a home to come to.


(Gurrinder Singh Khanna – R ’59 – ’69)


Dear Mr Robinson,

Just a short note to thank you for a wonderful couple of days.

Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to relive and renew the bonds we have with this wonderful institution which has literally (I proudly say this for myself) crafted our future.

For me, personally, it’s been an experience I wouldn’t have missed for the world. 

Please do also convey my personal thanks to Dorothy for smilingly bearing up with the rowdy bunch.

Should you ever be heading towards the south, we’d love to have you visit us and giving us the opportunity to reciprocate your hospitality.

Best regards

Gurrinder Singh Khanna
(R ’59 – ’69)


Very well said!!!  I wholeheartedly second your sentiments. Overall, the entire event will always rank as one of the most memorable events for me.  

A very special thank you to Meenakshi and DM for taking such good care of us and for giving us a fabulous few days in Manali! Also thanks to all who “sponsored “ various events. Your generosity is much appreciated. Most of all thank you to all of you for making the effort to be there at this occasion so that we could reconnect.

Please stay in touch and if your travels bring you to the US, rest assured that you are very welcome to come and stay with us in New Jersey. 





September 21, 2019 @ 3:30 pm IST
September 27, 2019 @ 3:30 pm IST


Bishop Cotton School
Shimla-2, Himachal Pradesh 171002 India
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Batch 1969

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Anil Mahajan Jasbir Singh Sadana Arun Bhalaik Himmet Kahlon Rajat Mukarji Rakesh Sood Vivek Srivastava
Bikramjit SIngh Sirsa Ravi Thomas Ajay Sawhney Praveen Sachdeva Vikram Singh Sandhu Dinesh Sud Robin Nakai

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