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Down memory lane – Balbir Singh

I am now 78 years old living in Pune since many years & never forget the short but good years I had at BCS.
I was there in Simla from 1948 to 53 till the Third Form in Ibbetson with my roll number of 212
my class mates there were R. Mehra, GS & RS Sahwney, RK Gupta, Gandharv Kumar, ND Mehra, Inderjit Singh, later on my cousins also joined like SS Ahluwalia, RS Ahluwalia, Harmeet Singh & others.
I remember Chippu from the tuck shop where i used to buy puri alu etc, our matron was Ms Hannah, & house master Mr Brown with his sweet wife both smoking Charminar cigarettes, & my teacher Mr Tuli.
On Saturdays, with our pocket money of RS 1.50, we would see English movie & eat puri alu in lower bazaar.
Now in Pune, I want to contact others from BCS apart from Mr KS Duggal & Mr Kocchar whom I know.
Balbir Singh

Letter from Mr. Ronald Goss to Vivek Bhasin

Dear Vivek:
I was delighted to get your letter and to know that you still have fond
memories of both Mrs. Goss, your Linlithgow matron, and me. We will always
cherish our memories of BCS where we spent 9 very happy years in the company
of you wonderful students and a team of dedicated teachers with whom it was
such a pleasure to work (and play – I was the second eleven soccer coach and
even coached a hockey team to victory one year, and was proudly invited into
the Spartan Club.).  It is a matter of profound satisfaction and pride to
know that you and so many of your colleagues have done so well in life and
have been such worthy ambassadors of the Old School.  This is a teacher’s
true reward and I find great satisfaction in your accomplishments and wish
you continued success in all your future endeavours.  I also compliment you
all on the beautiful letters you write and the amazing respect and affection
with which you regard your “old” teachers – a rare commodity in these times.
(Yes, I for one, am going to be 90 in another few weeks}.

With all good wishes to you and to the Old Cottonians with whom you are in
touch, Ronald Goss (BCS 1956-64)

26th Feb 2019

Good Evening Mr Goss Sir!
I was overjoyed to receive your mail and your expressing the wonderful years  spent at BCS.
It is vital for all of us to appreciate, acknowledge and respect our teachers who laid down the foundation of our upbringing at School, at home and later in the big wide world.
I am elated too that you are soon 90 and still lead an active life in Canada! Congratulations Sir!
Today’s Generation Y are fast moving, impatient to reap rewards quickly round the corner ( possible our parents thought the same on us Gen Xs!) and we all hope they will not burn
out too soon, spending nearly 50% of their work day glued to the mobile. They need to breathe easy and relax, in fact surveys state young executives jumping directly into a Gym directly after office is not going to make them healthier. We were taught that it takes patience and knowledge to achieve success.
We need to give our youngsters roots but also give them wings..
My Kindest Regards and Every Best Wish Sir.
Capt. Vivek Bhasin
Lefroy 1961-1970
Roll no: 123

Gerald [Jerry] Godinho interviews Old Cottonian ROHAN CHARANJI

Gerald Godinho [also an Old Cottonian] interviewed Rohan Charanji. Here is an excerpt [see below for link to full interview].

Rohan, welcome to my series on Millennials. Tell my audience something important about you?

I was born in India, educated at Bishop Cotton and studied in Switzerland and London.

I have worked in China, US, London, Thailand, Wales and currently in the UAE for the last 4 years.

With my Swiss education, I felt a stupid sense of entitlement. I was asked to mop floors, clean plates and I realized without hard work you can never achieve anything.

– Rohan Charanji.

[…read the full interview here]

The Great Himalaya

The Great Himalaya
No other range can match the lofty grandeur, the immense heights and the diversity in flora and fauna from the foothills to Kanchenjunga , to Mount Kailash to Mount Everest to
Bishop Cotton School….. which is at a mere 2300 metres or so but its perch, its architectural and geographical position were set to get maximum strength from the Sun God, pay obeisance when he sets across the Tara Devi Gap and a million stars appearing… with the Moon illuminating the school, setting the 2nd and 3rd flats on a silver blaze.
Besides Sports and Academics emphasis was on the pure Himalayan air, the smells of pine that was tonic to our growing years.
As a Third Former I used to creep across to the benches and strain my eyes and ears towards the gap wanting to know if my Mum and Pa thought of me every moment the way I did about them…..far away in Calcutta..
Having sailed the seas and touched every continent, driven across the Andes, The Rockies and the Alps my final return was always the Great Himalaya.
Here New Monasteries, Temples, Pagodas, Mosques and Churches have come up yet I know our School Chapel stays unmatched in beauty and splendour. Being a Saprano in the Choir I had Adams, Dehlvi, Singhs, Bhasins , Tippakorn and Pandit all singing in unison to the hymns and psalms everyday.
Our School touched our lives and has stood entrenched in the soul of the mighty mountain range. It is there waiting with open arms for every Cottonian to come back today tomorrow or whenever..
We Cottonians are Blessed to have merged our soul with the Great Himalaya.
Vivek Bhasin
Lefroy 1961-1979