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OLD COTTONIAN Sodhi Vikram Singh – Sri Anandpur Sahib Wale – receiving and honouring the Archbishop of Canterbury

Sodhi Vikram Singh- Sri Anandpur Sahib Wale receiving and honouring the Archbishop of Canterbury who is the Head of the Church of England-Protestant Church at the Darbar Sahib Complex of Harmandir Sahib. He is on a visit to celebrate the 550 years birth celebrations of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Sending out a strong global message of the relevance of interfaith dialogue and universal brotherhood. Sarbat da Bhalla as enunciated by Baba Nanak and the central message of the Sikh Faith, in these times of suspicion and global conflict…..

Honouring his holiness and explaining key tenants of the Sikh Faith prior to his visit to Darbar with the Jathedar Akal Takhat Sahib at the information centre, Harminder Sahib.

Beautiful Emotional Tonic to the Heart and Soul. Well done! you perform these extraordinary gestures with selfless commitment for the love of all.

Also seen in the photo is Bishop Samantaroy, Chairman Board of Governors BCS Shimla.

[courtesy Vivek Bhasin]

Sandeep Mansukhani summits Mt. Elbrus!

BCS on highest point of European continent Mt Elbrus just as BCS comes up for our 160th year on 28th July 2019 (Founder’s Day)

Sandeep Mansukhani summited Mt. Elbrus highest peak of Europe 5642 mtr/ 18505 feet today 27th July @ 07:10 a.m and successfully planted the BCS flag along with the Indian flag.


Mt. Elbrus)- latest update by Sandeep Mansukhani

Subject: (Mt. Elbrus)- latest update by Capt Sandeep

Dear all,
Sending message as received by Capt Mansukhani.

On Elbrus – Europe highest peak.
Wx was bad on 23 for summit attempt thus the final climb was called of.
24 we tried and had to turn 200 m before summit due strong snow blizzard – 40-45 k winds , freezing  temp, thunderstorm, lightening – took the decision to turn back, very tough decision but safety was paramount.
Will try one last time on 27 morning . Winds are still strong 40-45k .  Hope for the best .. keep me in prayers

Will keep you posted. Seeking blessings for him.



Lance Jones [Lefroy] passed on

We received the sad news of the death of Lance Jones on 6 July 2019 at the age 
of 95. Lance  we believe served in the Police Force in India. He was a fanatical Supporter of Arsenal FC and equally keen Supporter of OCA(UK) -attending the
Annual Lunches until last year and only a year or two earlier, on an OCs evening out, a Night Club featuring a delightful ‘belly dancer,’ whose performance he much enjoyed. 
Lance was a charming gentleman who will be much missed. 

Gay Niblett
Hon. Life President OCA(UK)