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ZOOM chat – Sunday March 21st, 2021

Dear All,

These Zoom sessions are getting better and better.

First these meetings have generated a few new faces each time. In the first session, we were pleasantly surprised to have Partap Grewal appear. This was the last time we saw him alive and it was touching when Pompey asked him to emerge from the darkness that hid his face. It was to be our last ‘sighting” of a dear and old friend. In the next session we had Jaspal Singh Sidhu appear. Jaspal or rather “Juicy” as was better known was in Ibbetson (Roll number 392?) left BCS at the end of 1957 or 1958. Yesterday witnessed the presence of Rocky Chopra and Gurinder Parkash (Josie)

The regulars have been Pompei, the host and moderator, Deepak Lamba, K S Dugal, BM Singh, Ken Singh, Arun Jolly and his beautiful wife, Mei Mei. All these gentlemen appear well organised in suitably admired surroundings with either coffee mugs or whiskey glasses in hand. We have had others join in for a few sessions, Arun Kochhar, Guljit Kochhar, Jaspal Sawhney, Bittu Sahgal, Gurjeet Singh Jawandha. Among this latter group Gurjeet Jawandha is turning out to be a regular presence with his controversial opinions. “Why do you always counter my arguments?” he once famously stated when at the losing end of a political argument when he had run out of debating points.

Covid, not its consequences, has been a major subject but the important and deliberated question was whether you abstain (not necessary if in moderation)  from alcohol either before or after the jab. Blood thinners (heavily contraindicated) should be used prior to jab to prevent the occurrence of blood clots (Gurjeet Jawandha). Blood thinner should be discontinued before the jab but could be resumed after a few days Ask Dr Fauci or Rocky Chopra!!

Pompei narrated last evening of a hilarious incident when Rocky, on a visit to Washington DC, went with Pompei out drinking one evening at an up market bar in a car hired by Pompei. On their emerging, after several shots, the vehicle was missing having been towed away to a neighbouring block to allow for construction activity. No, this was not a parking offence but having retrieved the vehicle they decided to hit another bar for one more shot. An evening to remember for all the consternation and inconvenience but ending on one more happy peg!!

Gurinder Parkash (Josie) sighted Pompei after 50 years and then asked, “Are you the guy with the white bushy eyebrows?” Unfortunately Josie was not visibly since he just had not figured out, like several 70 year olds, which icon he needed to press to ensure his picture appeared to us all. Fortunately his voice was around but not his face, while he had the visual advantage of being able to spot all of us. Smart guy because I later discovered he was in his vest and pyjamas!!

Finally I informed those present last evening that Rishi Rana had been bitten by a dog and had to invest in the usual injections to prevent infection. I believe that the dog died the next day!! Can someone verify this, please. Thanks

So, we see these Zoom sessions increasing in numbers and getting more lively. Wait for the announcement date for the next one but the timing will be a bit earlier at 8:00 PM IST.



[Vijay Khurana]


The Inter-school Golf event is being played at the Jaypees Green Golf Resort on Friday 20th Nov 2020.

This event is scheduled to be an annual event of various Boarding schools.
This event was postponed from the original date of 20th.March 2020 due to the Pandemic.

There is an entry fee of approx.Rs.5000/ per player which includes the green fee, cart,caddy (sharing), oncourse snacks  prize distribution drinks & Dinner.
In Future events approx.1.5 to 2 Lacs is required from each school as sponsorship fee.
The sponsors will get sufficient mileage on various forums.
The final team of BCS ( Old Cottonians) is mentioned below.
All the best

1.Chetan Singh Age 66  L 40 HANDICAP 14  (Captain),

2.Gurnir Singh Gill  Age 65 XL 42 Handicap 18

3.Ronald Das  Age 62 L 40 Handicap 16

4. Col.Malwinder Guron Age.61 XXL 44 Handicap 18

5.Madhav Singh Age 45     XL 42 Handicap 7

6.Pranav Roach Age 55  L 40 Handicap 15

7.Ashim Kapoor Age. 58 L 40 Handicap 18

8.Sanjiv Chadha Age. 61 L 40 Handicap 16

9.Prithvi Singh Nat  Age. 65 XXL 44 Handicap 18

10.Manav Singh  Age.46  L.40 Handicap 16

11.Prithviraj Prem  Age 66 XL 42 Handicap 24

12.Kanav Monga  Age.39 L 40 Handicap 19

Kindly pair Player 6 & 7   & 5 & 8


Chetan Singh

Fresh dates for the OC Week 2020

Dear Old Cottonians:
Trust you and your family are doing well during this very trying time on account of the Covid 19 virus.
I’am taking this opportunity to inform you that the school and OCA-India were finding it difficult to conduct the OC Week 2020 this year due to the challenges created by the Covid19 virus. This as a background, the school has now very graciously offered us with a fresh set of dates for this years OC Week. The dates are 9th till 11th October, both days inclusive. Whilst the dates have been finalised, the programme for the OC Week would follow soon.
Stay safe and stay healthy.
Ajay Thiara