Batch / BCS Centenary Year 1959

Sixth Form 1959 Seated – N.P Pawa, S.K Raina, K S Dhanoa, S.M. Jain, Mr. R Goss, S. Bhargava, K.C Kohli, Tejinder Singh, R Sawhney First row – R.K Lamba, Raghu Sudon, Rumanvan Singh, A.K Puri, S.S Sidhu, Jasdip Singh, J.N Kohli, I S Bawa, S.K Majumdar, R Sharma Second Row – A Mansukhani, A Sikand, C.S. Saini, Padam Singh, Mukhinder Singh, D Ahluwalia, S.K Sehgal
Photo received from SS Rai

Centenary Year [1959] photo :
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BCS Centenary Celebrations in 1959. Headmaster Dr Dustan with the President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad being introduced to Mr. Varughese. Photo obtained from Vijay [Kuttu] Singh’s collection at Facebook

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  3. Ravi Inder Singh

    The Houses L to R are in alphabetical order (C.I.L.R.) I still remember when this pic was taken. I was in Upper 2 also my first year in Main School

  4. Balbir Malik

    i was in BCS from lower 2 to 4th form ,when I left for Calcutta (as Dad was in the Army.) in 1970 or 1969. Do I qualify to join up? I was one of the only 3 Day scolar’s at the time the other 2 being Raghi and Nakul Anand (Their mom was a teacher in the School) I was in Rivaz and my ? No. was 444.
    My e mail add is : Would love to get in touch with people who were there during this time.Balbir Singh Malik (The only guy who wore a turban for the last month so he would not have to cut his hair.

  5. Vinod Nanda

    I joined school in 1959 in Lilithgow. A pure guess again Virinder Nanda (Nanda 1, joined school in 1958) and if Lefroy is the 4th group from the left , then Virinder is the 10th boy from the left and Vinod is the 4th boy in the bottom row. If anyone has other photos pse forward them to me. Thanx

    Vinod Nanda ( Nanda 11 Lefroy 1959 – 1967)

  6. Avninder Thakur

    With the identification of the girls Jagat Aulakh has cleared my doubts. Rita Tuli was in Curzon, so from left we have Rivaz, Ibbetson, Curzon, Lefroy. The rest of the work should be easier now. The 9th guy bottom row Curzon is me.

  7. Jagat Aulakh

    The photograph was taken on or around speech day in 1959. It was arranged by houses and Rivaz was the house on the left. I’m 8th from left in the front row of Rivaz. The boy 5th from left in the same row is Brij Bhupinder Singh who left the school soon after. The girl in the third group from the left is Rita Tuli. I’m not sure which house she was in, it was either Ibbetson or Curzon; Mr Tuli did go on to be Curzon Housemaster.The girl in the fourth group is the daughter of Mr Verghese (also Rita I think) so that group must be Lefroy.

  8. Avninder Thakur

    I joined school in 1959 in Linlithgow, Curzon house. I am taking a wild guess…..there are 4 groups probably representing the Houses. In case the 3rd group from the left is Curzon then the 9th guy in the bottom row of that group should be me……….


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