Batch 2021

Photo of the Batch of 2021 sent in by Udit Jain [School-Vice Captain 2021].

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Sitting Row (L to R): Yashwardhan Karol, Udit Jain, Priyamvad Sharma, Kirtivardhan Singh, Late Mr. Aseem Kukreti (Class Teacher), Nimish Vyas, Abhimanyu Chauhan, Aarav Agrawal, Aryaman Sood

1st Standing Row  (L to R): Aakash Drona, Devanshh Khare, Adit Tandon, Deep Bose, Shantanu Rao, Mayank Barala, Karni Singh, Laldintluanga, Adit Parmar

2nd Standing Row  (L to R): Keshav Sood, Anhad Goyal, Naman Chauhan, Vaibhav Bansal.


May they go into this world with confidence.
May they succeed in all their endeavours.
May they bring pride to the Institution that created them.
May they always return to share their success.
May they lead good, happy and healthy lives while fulfilling their potential
God bless
Vijay Khurana
(Lefroy 1954-63)

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