Batch 1961

1961 Photo sent by Sudhir Kashyap [13th Nov 2021]


  • Chairs left to right: Sukhinder Singh, S. Kashyap, H.S. Atwal,  Gurmit Singh, Mr. F.M. Brown, G.S. Anand, Preharan Singh, S. Khanna, S.M. Nanda.
  • 1st  row standing from left to right: A.K. Anand, Himmat Singh, K.S. Dugal, Rupinder Singh, S.S. Mann, J.S. Rarewala, Gurdyal Singh, G.S. Gill, R. Sawhney, R. Rovshen.
  • Standing last row from left to right: V.K. Chhabra, Deshpal Singh, A. Motwane, J.K. Wason, G.S. Gill, S.K. Narula, A. Mulchandani.

The photograph was sent to OCA Website by:  Sudhir Khanna


  • Standing left to right: A Anand, G Prakash, Rupinder Singh, Preharan Singh, Sukhinder Singh, S.M. Nanda.
  • Sitting left to right: R.S. Sodhi, G.S. Anand, H.S. Mamik [Capt], S. Kashyap, J.S. Gill.

The 1961 Cricket Team Photo contributed by H.S. Mamik and Sudhir Kashyap. 

Curzon 1961 picture provided by Brig Arun Kochhar

Photo added September 30th 2014:
RIVAZ HOUSE [Photo provided by Himmat Singh]. Text by Vijay Khurana:

Himmat Singh sent three photographs of Rivaz House for the years 1953, 1961, and 1962. 
Two observations. With Mr Farhat Paul as Rivaz House Master, all the boys had a handkerchief in their top left coat pockets (see the photographs). He loved these little touches and the expression, “You Fat Cow!!” He bellowed these words and stretched them over a good ten seconds for the impact that he wanted to deliver depending on his mood. His other talents were exceptional but he left in me an enduring interest in history with details of Babur that the Baburnama never recorded !! He embellished every class with fascinating details that made all the Mughal emperors come alive !! He had several other attributes but his large garnet ring, his penmanship, and his well endowed behind I do remember. There was more, much more, to this flamboyant man but I leave that to your imagination.
I see faces and remember with affection Mohan (M.M.) Sachdev, Ashok Dina Nath, Huppy Grewal, the Gideon brothers, Preharan Singh, Motwani, my dear friend Girish Ghai, the body builder who frequented my house in Bombay on so many occasions. His parents (address 69, Warden Road) were always warm and hospitable. There are others who revive memories aplenty.
Photos provided by Vijay Khurana who writes “Two attachments accompany this mail, one is a high resolution photograph and the other a scan of a photo copy of the original with the names listed below. No guess work required. The size of the original is much too large to fit on the bed of the scanner I possess and hence this additional effort.

 You will notice some of the really grew between 1954 and 1961!!