Batch 1946

Unable to assist with your 1944 query but I thought I would get into the information download for 1946 which ought to prompt some reaction from the sundry viewers. I left at the end of the year and returned to the UK for the completion of my schooling in the West Country. This was the greatest culture shock my brother and I experienced, even after the previous 5 years of travel from Calcutta to Simla . At least whilst in India we were insulated from the UK Winters, which was hard to bare along with all the shortages of a war worn England. It took both my brother and I, 2 years to acclimatise to the food shortages and winters, as well as being boarded out to several relations during holiday periods where 2 teenage boys ran amok. It is now 70 years ago but still embedded in me.  Oh woe alas.

[I was one of the bridesmaids third in from the left in the picture]

Michael J Pratt

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  1. Editor Post author

    Message from Dick D’Abreu –

    My thanks to Michael Pratt for sending in the photo taken of the opera Trial By Jury. It was my last year at school and I remember the opera well. I was the third boy along from the right hand window at the back. Mrs Fisher was the lady standing to the right of the window. If I still can recall, the boy dressed as the bride at the back was Danny Hall. I lost the copy I had of the photo over 50 years ago. Best wishes..Dick D’Abreu.

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