Batch 1943

The Wolf Club 1943, photo provided by Brian Moray [1943-46]:

Preparatory School Cubs with their Trophy in 1943.
Back row –   Brian Niblett,  Corbett, David Mitchell, Jimmy Collins.
Centre row –   Bill Mitchell ,  unknown, unknown, unknown, Kruschandl.
Front row –   Robert Reed, Simpson, Mr Cyril Murtough, Aldridge, Michael Wetherfield).
Cyril Murtough is my uncle. He is keeping well, just coming up to 88 yrs old, and has been a regular attendant at OCA reunions in London.
Brian Moray

Message from David Mitchel, on 9th November 2004:Dear Webmaster
The photo of the junior school wolf cubs includes myself (back row, 2nd from the right) and my older brother Bill Mitchell (middle row, left). Incredibly enough, two days ago I was writing some recollections for the benefit of my family and described the activities of the wolf cubs, which I had not thought of for years. It was 1943 for certain, because Bill and I moved up to the senior school (Curzon I believe) in 1944. I can remember many of the activities and skills we had to learn for that competition.
Unfortunately I have no photos from my time at BCS, so this is a wonderful bonus!
David Mitchell, Curzon, 1944
Extracts from a email received from Michael Wetherfield, on 9th May 2005:Like your correspondent David Mitchell, I was amazed to see the 1943 photo of members of the BCPS Wolf Cub pack with their trophies. I can confirm that the person in the front row, right, is my 10-year-old self (not “Wetherby”!). I particularly remember a competition in “Cub skills” (including turn-out and smartness, of course) with most (all?) of the other packs in Simla (pardon my old-fashioned spelling). For this competition a picked “Six” was entered, of which I was proud to have been selected as “Sixer” – we beat all the other packs by a wide margin, and the biggest trophy in the photo was no doubt the prize. I particularly remember the happy atmosphere of the BCPS Cub pack – it was run by (I think) a Mr. Boast. It helped to have been soaked in Kipling’s Mowgli stories from an early age!
Like the Michell brothers (whom I remember) I moved to the Senior School in 1944. I left at the end of 1945 for England.
I have not revisited Simla since 1945 (my family lived there, at the Elysium Hotel), though more recently I visited Chennai for a day. However my daughter visited the School in (I think) 1981! When I was at Cambridge University in the mid-50s, I attended the University Boxing match against Oxford (as a spectator, I should add!) – one of the team captains (Cambridge, I think) was Robert Myers (OC).
Webmaster’s note: “Wetherby”  was corrected to read Michael Wetherfield today 10th May 2005.

Dear Editor,
I hope this gets through –
First to thank you for my Patina tribute and the responses I have received.
One an author wants my address to send signed copies of his latest book
I came across 4 old photographs of Prep School 1943 given to me by Dixon at a Himalayan Hill Schools Reunion a few years ago.
The website already has the Cub Troupe on display – herewith 3 more to add. Good luck.
Yours fraternally
Peter Stringer

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