1962 – Staff & Prefects, Rivaz

1962 – Staff & Prefects, Rivaz
(L to R): V.Chabra ( House Prefect), Miss Wylie, Mrs Mal, Mr.Mal, Mr. Dasgupta, Mr.Paul ( Housemaster), Rev. Dr. T.M.Dustan ( Headmaster), Mrs. Dustan, S.Nanda (House Captain), Mr. Roberts, Mrs. Roberts, Mr.Dutt, Himmat Singh (House Prefect). Standing: left to right: Vijay Chopra, R L V Nath, C M Kohli.

1962 Rivaz

3 thoughts on “1962 – Staff & Prefects, Rivaz

  1. Vinod Chhabra

    Thanks for posting 1962 picture of Rivaz Staff and Prefects. I just turned 81 and the subject picture rekindled lots of memories. Some of them were challenging but overall very rewarding. My best wishes are with the authors of Old Cottonian newsletter for keeping the spirit of our school alive.

  2. Vijay Khurana

    The names in the picture including those standing.

    From left to right: (seated) Vinod Chabra, Ms Wylie, Mrs J Mal, Mr J M Mal, Mr Sasim DasGupta, Mr Farhat Paul (Housemaster – Rivaz) Rev T M Dustan, Mrs Dustan, Surendra Nanda (House Captain), Mr B R Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mr Dutt, Himmat Singh.
    Standing: left to right: Vijay Chopra, R L V Nath, C M Kohli


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