The Dire State of Our Universities / by Vijay Stokes

Vijay Kumar Stokes, BSc Engg (HONS) Mech (BHU, 1961) and PhD (Princeton, 1963), taught at IIT Kanpur (1964-1978), where he headed the Mechanical Engineering Department (1974-1977) and was the Convener of the Nuclear Engineering and Technology Program (1977-1978). He then worked at the GE Corporate R&D (1978-2002). Besides setting up a world-class, science-based apple orchard at his ancestral home in Ilaqa Kotgarh, for over 25 years he has been documenting the local language, culture, and music and dance.

[Bishop Cotton School – Rivaz 1948~54]

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Published in the Hill Post as well

The Dire State of Our Universities

One thought on “The Dire State of Our Universities / by Vijay Stokes

  1. Dr. Santokh Singh ( Lefroy, 1950 to 1957).

    A really exhaustive & very informative article, only Vijay could have written ! It requires so much of research & the ability to put it together.
    But then, it is no surprise because Vijay Stokes was my class mate till 1954 – he left & I continued till 1957.
    An unforgetable event involving Vijay Stokes in 1954 : He was brilliant even then. He had gone under the floor-boards of a class room & made a sort of Lab. with electric connection from the class room. It was discovered by chance when a chowkidar saw some light from a crack in the boards, during his night rounds. Of course, there was a lot of commotion & explanations; but the general opinion was: this guy is a genius !!
    We all admired him.
    All the best Vijay.


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