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Dear All,

Ms Meher Boga was kind enough to send a memento gifted to her father, Jal Boga, to my younger brother, Ajay Bhumitra (Maxy) who has sent it on to me. Thank you, again, Meher.

The memento is a reproduction of pen and ink sketches of different parts of the School, titled “A Unique Collection of Etchings on Bishop Cotton School”  with a write up describing the history of  each of these heritage structures. These sketches were then put to print. It is truly a keepsake and a lovely reminder of the architectural elegance that dots the campus. They have a history as well that certainly needs to be preserved when the byword is “modernisation” these days.

The whole series of sketches and their printing was sponsored by:

Subhash Goyal (Ibbetson), IS Bawa, HS Bawa and DS Bawa (Rivaz), Sukhinder Singh (Lefroy), KS Bhaia(Concord Travels). It would appear that this extravagantly printed piece was produced  around 1986. I recall Jal Boga visiting India for an OCA lunch around that time. I had the privilege of collecting him from the airport !!

The entire presentation has been scanned into a PDF file and accompanies this mail as an attachment. The original piece is being couriered to Ms Deepa Kennedy for safe keeping since she is currently in charge of OCA matters at School.



Vijay Khurana

Etchings – Jal Boga collection

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