A much remembered figure: Jal Boga

Jal Boga had written in years ago and his letter was published online September 25th 2011.

Subsequently we heard from Mr Boga’s daughter, Meher Boga, that her father had passed on around a year ago. The original letter from Jal, the many comments and messages of remembrances, and also the recent exchange are available via a link appended below. Jal Boga remains one of those “larger than life” figures of Bishop Cotton School and continued to shine in his career and endeavours after BCS

Here is the link. We are adding a few of photos to make the connection.

Jal Boga : photo sent by Meher Boga

Lord and Lady Mountbatten (BCS in 1947) A visit to Bishop Cotton School by Lord and Lady Mountbatten. Also in the photograph : Prefects R. Button (I) and Inderjeet Singh (C).

BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE [at Bishop Cotton School]

One thought on “A much remembered figure: Jal Boga

  1. Joginder Singh Chahal

    My brother Narpinder and I were saddened to here of Jal’s demise. We were Curzonians and sportsman together. Jal was an outstanding cricketer as he was the opening bowler and the leading batsman with an elegant array of strokes. My ‘bro’ and I studied at BCS from 1943 to ’51 and I didn’t get to meet Jal again for many decades untill he attended an OCA lunch in London. It was an unusual meeting walking down the street towards the luncheon venue as I recognised him, having seen him in a recent video taken by Peter Stringer. Jal, on the other hand only saw a middle aged man ready to hug him. Surprise over, we HUGGED as only OCs do.


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