Dr Ravi Thomas – passed on

We are saddened to announce the sudden and untimely demise of Dr Ravi Thomas BCS Batch 1969.

Condolences to Ravi’s family and friends.

[following received from Indi khanna, as received by him from Ravi’s daughter who has also requested that the two images be put side by side];

Prof. Ravi Thomas

Following his graduation from Bishop Cotton School, Ravi studied medicine at the Christian Medical College and specialised in ophthalmology at the All India Institute of Medicine. He soon became an internationally respected teacher, academic and mentor to many.

He is someone who pushed the boundaries for his patients, his students, and his clinical research. He took delight in challenging more conventional mindsets.

With his wife’s support, he was as brilliant as he was kind in everything he did. Not only in caring for his patients, but also his respect for all support staff.

He has left a legacy of colleagues and students who channel his work, his research, his ethics and most importantly, his empathy.

All he ever wanted was to help those who needed it the most.

He will be deeply missed around the world.

He is survived by his loving wife Promilla, his son Ariez, and his daughter Aleysha.

Ajay Sawhney
– on behalf of  Batch of 1969 :

I am sorry to report the sad and untimely demise of Dr. Ravi Thomas. Ravi was a dear friend from our early school days atBishop Cotton School, Shimla. He passed away unexpectedly in Brisbane, Australia on November 12 , 2023.

I will always remember Ravi fondly for his jovial nature and his willingness to try anything. In school, Ravi excelled in academics and gymnastics. He was also quite an accomplished violinist. Ravi was always a happy-go-lucky type of character. It was hard to offend him. After school, we lost touch for a couple of years. However, we were fortunate that Ravi was able to join us for the 48th and the 50th anniversary of our graduation from high school. It was amazing how the gap of a few years of not seeing each other melted in five minutes when we got together. It was as though we were back in school. He was still the fun-loving Ravi that we remembered . When we said goodbye,Ravi was optimistic that we would get together again soon. However, sadly, it was not to be.

Ravi was an accomplished ophthalmologist who had earned a well-deserved reputation both for his clinical and research skills. After completing his MD from Delhi, where he specialized in glaucoma and paediatric ophthalmology, Ravi chose to return to his hometown in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. There, like his father, Ravi rose to become the Head of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Christian Medical School in Vellore.Ravi subsequently worked as the Director of the LV Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad and was invited to deliver the Gillies lecture at the World Glaucoma Congress in Melbourne, Australia in 2019. Ravi was also the author of several papers on primary angle closure disease and was a visiting professor in China.

In addition to his interest in Ophthalmology,Ravi took up martial arts and earned a Black Belt. At the reunion, Ravi was always willing to show you how he could personally send you to your maker with his bare hands!

Ravi is survived by his wife, Promilla, a daughter and one son. Ravi will be sorely missed by all his friend sand family. May the Almighty grant his soul eternal peace.

6 thoughts on “Dr Ravi Thomas – passed on

  1. Robin Nakai

    In sorrow …

    Got the sad news this morning from a class mate of mine , – from the Class of ‘69 , Batch of Bishop Cotton School , Shimla .

    Dr. Ravi Thomas , Ibbetson House , Class Mate 1969 – has left us poorer by his passing !

    I , first met Ravi when I joined school, and we travelled the journey to the end of our school days , together .

    Ravi , was a gentle and kind hearted nerd ! I say nerd , as he had the scholastic bent of mind , and his endeavours on the games field were few and far between , but being a nerd did not cast him into the world of outcasts that most nerds find themselves – except in the company of other nerds !

    Ravi , was person who everyone loved , and he was an easy person to get on with — joshing and ragging him for his ears ( they were huge ) never made him angry – he laughed louder then the one joshing him .

    While we played on the games field – Ravi sat in the class and did mathematical calculations -little wonder that I could kick a football into the goal and yet never figure out the Pythagoras theorem , and Ravi could breeze through Boyels Law , and wonder how to get the ball to reach the goal !

    Our total chalk and cheese profiles made us good friends , to the very end .

    We parted ways after doing our Senior Cambridge – Ravi with a First Division and me with a Third – playing the rear guard action in academics .

    I learnt later that Ravi had become an ophthalmologist . Ravi , chose to return to his hometown in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. There, like his father, Ravi rose to become the Head of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Christian Medical School in Vellore.Ravi also worked as the Director of the L.V .Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad . Ravi told me once that as a school kid he would travel the Adivasi lands in the jungles of Hazaribagh in Ranchi area , in an open Willy’s jeep , accompanying his father -driving in a relic of the Second World War – helping the poor with medical aids :

    Ravi , was a martial arts Black Belt. At our reunion, Ravi was quite willing to toss you over his shoulder and knock you out like James Bond or Bruce Lee – and right though those days we all awaited to hear the chilling sound of a Haiyeeee and the crack of broken bone , through the sound of winds in the pines !

    Ravi’s , heart was huge – I remember we were at Manali , and he wanted to visit the eye department of a nearby hospital . He was aghast at the appalling conditions . He really gave the wardens a price of his mind his mind !

    In the hospital he saw a young woman with a bad eye problem , and he immediately took charge and helped with a small procedure – and besides leaving medicines , Ravi left a wad of cash for the poor lady !
    That was Ravi !

    Whenever he visited Chandigarh – he would come for a coffee or a meal , whenever I called Ravi for help , for anyone with an eye problem – Ravi was there like a rock !

    Go gently in to night Ravi , in the great halls of Valhalla many of our class mates wait for you to wine and dine and then walk the golden fields of Elysium … and there maybe – maybe you can leap into the air and shouting a Hiyee , crack a ulna or a tibia !

    Rest in Peace ,

    Dr . Ravi Thomas ( Professor of Ophthalmology ) .

  2. Himesh Raj Sablok

    Shocking….he was senior to me by a year.. a fellow Ibbetsonian and a wonderful person.. I pray may Almighty bless his soul..RIP Ravi..
    Any family contact???

  3. Allan Niblett

    May I also give my deep sympathies and condolences to his family on behalf of his friends in the OCA(UK).

    With best regards.

    Allan Niblett
    Life President OCA(UK)

  4. Gurpratap Singh

    Losing a member of the OCA family is always painful. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and all his dear ones. God bless.

  5. Vivek Bhasin

    A Scholar
    A gentleman
    A humble being
    A super smart Doctor
    A wonderful Cottonian

    Rest in Peace Ravi Thomas in your special garden

    Vivek Bhasin

  6. kamal behal

    very shocked .Ravi was a dear friend who I shall dearly miss.Have fond memories of him in ibbetson house.
    Last met him in washington dc a year before he left for australia.
    My condolences to his family.

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