Upholding data privacy and filtering out content not meeting socially acceptable guidelines.

Dear Cottonians [old, new, and yet to be]:

This website has been in place, maintained, and kept alive since May 2002. We upheld and will continue to uphold Privacy of personal data submitted by you regardless those who opted to allow “sharing” of data submitted by way of contact details or any personal info. Your personal data remains safe and unshared. All data submitted will remain anonymous, regardless if  this website continues or goes redundant. The content / stories / photos will remain intact until when the entire can be archived and digitised for posterity.

All those who contributed content to assist this project are gratefully thanked. It is almost impossible to name and thank each and everyone who did.

A quick review of all content thus far posted at this website will be undertaken asap [using AI software] and any material thats reported  “abusive”, “offensive”, “racist” or “sexist” will be removed or deleted by the software. We believe that due diligence was observed prior to any content being published, but we’ll let this program look for the ones that were missed, off chance,  or anything that previously went unnoticed or “under the radar”. We’d appreciate do point out anything such, that AI, or we, might miss. Thanks!

[The OCA web-team]