David Browning / farewell dear OC

22nd Dec-2022

Message from David’s wife, Carol to Vivek [Bonnie] Bhasin:

Hello Bonnie.
This is to advise you that sadly David passed away on the 6 th.December.
Kind regards.

Dear Carol

I am extremely saddened to hear the passing of David Browning Esquire an illustrious Old Cottonian. May his Soul Rest in Peace.

I would appreciate as much information/background on David so most appropriately I will have our OCA Webmaster post on the BCS / OCA website please. ( House -years in school -your residence in Europe – your India visits and more..).

It is extremely difficult to find yourself alone; we all must take comfort on the long life you shared together and we must also celebrate the wonderful things you did together.

I am presently in India with my entire Swedish family to meet my Mum aged 90; we return to Sweden 6th Dec 2022

My Warmest Wishes and Kindest Regards; I know this would be a very solemn Christmas for you.

Please give me your mobile number so I can speak to you soon.

Please take good care of yourself.

With affection
( Capt Vivek Bhasin)
Lefroy House

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  1. admin Post author

    As per some info found via a database that was used decades ago, David Browning joined BCS in 1940 at the Junior School, left the Jr School 1942. that is the extent of information I was able to locate. Will ask Praveen Dharma to look up the school records when BCS reopens in March after the winter holiday. we will await any details that Mr Dharma is able to provide. Meanwhile, if there are any OCs who might know more about David’s time at BCS pls send me an email!

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