Old Cottonian Dr Humayun Khan [Rivaz 1941-1947] – passed on

My father Dr Humayun Khan passed away on 22 Sept, 2022, aged 91.

I visited his school in Simla ten years ago, and was so happy to see his photos as captain of cricket and other teams.

He was so respected and loved in India during his time as a diplomat there and after.

He truly believed in peace and stability in our region. Indo-Pak dosti was his dream.

  • Ayesha Humayun Khan

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4 thoughts on “Old Cottonian Dr Humayun Khan [Rivaz 1941-1947] – passed on

  1. Taimur Zeb

    Very sad to hear about the passing of Hamayun Khan, I remember meeting him in 1982 when he came to visit some one at the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar where I was a young house officer, on finding out I was the son of Major General Jahan Zeb Khan ( Khan 1, Curzon, school captain 1941) he told me wonderful stories of his time at BCS, adding to the many I grew up with from my late father, one of how in 1941 he was khan 6 or 7 and worked his way up to Khan 1 in 1947, he was class mates with my maternal uncle, Ishtiaq Sahibzada ( Curzon 1944 to 47 )
    A gentleman par excellance and another link with the past broken, now we only have memories of BCS in pakistan, the last of the pre partition generation have faded away.
    I hope that I too can be lucky enough to visit BCS one day,just to feel for a brief moment the wonders that all these old boys spoke off!! somehow while I was at Lawrence college Ghora Gali, the first thought that would come to mind when the monsoons came or when it snowed was.. Is this how it was at BCS!!!

    Taimur Zeb, MD
    Austin, Texas.

  2. Bharat

    I never had the opportunity to meet him personally but his legacy always preceded him. The legend of how he led the boys out of school to Pakistan during the time of Partition with dignity and valour is inspiring for every Cottonian. RIP sir.

  3. Raj Sandhu

    I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Humayun Khan at old Cottonians lunch in London and was thoroughly impressed by his ideas. I asked him if would ever be possible to drive across to Lahore to have a meal at their famous eating places but he shook his head in an action of despair saying ” not in my lifetime”.
    Great soul may he rest in peace and god grant his souls eternal peace
    Raj Sandhu
    L 55 – 57

  4. Vijay Khurana (Lefroy, 1954-63)

    Humayun Khan was a tall figure and his name appeared on virtually every board in the dining room, year after year. We often heard stories of his abilities on the playing field. We were in awe being very much younger than he. To emulate those high standards that likes of Jal Boga, and he set would have been quite an achievement, we reckoned. That impression holds true to this day!!

    During his tenure in Delhi as his country’s High Commissioner, he earned the respect and affection with all who interacted with him and his years of training at BCS stood him, I am sure, in good stead.

    A regular player of tennis at the Delhi Gymkhana he left a host of friends, and he was highly spoken of years after he had left his assignment in Delhi. A most charming and intelligent man. We wish there were more people like him. The good are always remembered with affection for their deeds!!

    May Allah keep him in his arms.

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