Jatinder S. Randhawa [Randy] passed on

Just been informed that J.S. Randhawa [Rivaz 1963 batch] passed on in his sleep last night at his home in Chandigarh. Cremation today 2PM 21st Sept 2022 at Sector 25 Chandigarh. Randy had been battling a cancer for the past few years. Apparently had a massive cardiac arrest in the night.

DM Sud [Dinesh] had been to see Randy at his home just yesterday and had a pretty “normal”  conversation with him.

Our condolences to his friends and family.

Dear All,


This morning Badal called to inform me that Randy had passed away. The final cause was not the cancer but a cardiac arrest that took him away.


Post-School most of us interacted with him when he worked with The Oberoi and then he disappeared until he connected with so many of us again after a time gap.


Randy was an exceptionally warm, genuine and innocent person. No guile.  He made close friendships and then he had those very special relationships like the bonds that existed between him and Vijay Pawa and, in these last years of his life, with Badal. Temperamentally, there could be no people so poles apart and Badal sensed the warmth, the honesty and the affection in the man to offer him a special place in his life. Randy would often go up and stay with Badal in Kasauli resulting in one of the cottages on the estate being labelled as Randy’s Cottage.  


Randy was earnest and this attribute shines through so easily in all his photographs. I picked out the Rivaz House pictures for the years of 1956 & 1958 (he joined in 1954 and left at the end of 1958) and when you look carefully you will discern that aspect of his character. He gave his heart out to a relationship that he loved and admired. Unfailing loyalty and undiminished sincerity.


He was great fun and I recall with great affection the short period when he, Vijay Pawa and I shared a room that housed just four boys in the first term of 1955. It was the room at the left entrance to the Linlithgow dormitory which was converted as a part of the Goss residence in later years. In that room Randy hid his well designed catapult and substantial collection of marbles, things that amuse little boys !!


The formal obituary notice issued by the family:



With profound grief we inform you of the sad passing away of Sardar Jatinder Singh Randhawa (Bholu) MS No.1071 son of late Dr. MS Randhawa ICS, and father of Satinder Singh Randhawa (MS No.7219) yesterday night.

Cremation will take place today, 21st September 2022 (Wednesday) at 3:00 pm at the Cremation Ground, Sector 25 Chandigarh.

Condolences may be conveyed to his son Satinder Singh Randhawa on +91 9888100313.


Messages condoling Randy’s passing away have poured in on different pages of the various WhatsApp group.


“JS Randhawa (Randy) passed on in his sleep at his home at Chandigarh last night. Just yesterday DM Sud (Dinesh) had dropped by to see him and they had a pretty normal conversation. Randy been fighting a cancer for years” Anil Advani


“All my growing years I would hear of this or that friend of my father’s having died and I wondered how he faced the news with such equanimity. He explained that leaves, flowers and fruit emerge then die… but others replace them and life goes on.

I guess all of us have entered the departure lounge, where we can rest a bit and entertain ourselves with memories of life well lived, while waiting for our names to be called.

Travel well Randy” Bittu Sahgal


We will miss a good man. Good bye, Randy.


Vijay Khurana

Really Sad News .
Randy from School days to his hotel experience . Always very pleasant and soft . He kept in touch with me on FB for years and Badal used to update all of us . Randy introduced me to Manmohan Sher Gill in Sweden and we have been in touch . Our deepest Condolence to his Family . May he Rest in Peace – We shall always remember you .
Great to have such good friends – who have gone too soon
Sudhir Kashyap

DM Sud & Randy - probably1972

DM Sud & Randy – probably1972

6 thoughts on “Jatinder S. Randhawa [Randy] passed on

  1. Akers N.K.

    Dear Satinder

    Deeply saddened and shocked hearing of your father’s passing.

    I got to know him at the Oberoi where we trained together and being from BCS, myself albeit a few years later,
    we had a wonderful bonding.
    Randy was a diamond of a person and his warmth, sincerity and hospitality unforgettable.
    I remember when we travelled together with my fiancé in his famous fiat, listening to Cat Stevens all the way from Delhi to his farm
    and he introduced us to his famous kinnoos oranges. I think we gorged ourselves a bit too much.

    I was a year junior and Randy was such a genuine mentor and guide as we ploughed through the Oberoi hotel
    school mill. Whenever in a jam Randy could always be counted upon.

    May his soul rest in peace and God give the family strength and wisdom in this time of loss.

    Akers N.K.

  2. Ved Sreeram

    Thanks for sharing Vijay. Sad news. Hope all is well. You chaps are on the other side of 75 and with covid things will never be the same.

    Warm Regards

    (Ved Sreeram)

  3. NP Pawa

    I am sad about the loss of Jatinder Singh Randhawa and as here and there my brother Vijay Pawa’s name came through as his best friend make me feel especially connected. Once Vijay Pawa, the biggest heart in our family,  gave  it away in friendship he would forever remain solidly steadfast loyal and true. My daily prayers now includes Jatinder Singh to rest in peace and my condolences go out to the family.
    Thank you.

    NP Pawa

  4. Govinder Singh

    We called him “Jatty” in the early 50s, his roll no was 570.
    We were in the same “gang “ when aged 8-10 : Sibia, Huppy Grewal, S.S Grewal and I.
    We met at his home at 11, Teen Murti Lane Delhi in the “hols” and biked all over New Delhi, in the days there was no traffic. We played cycle polo in the Sunder Nagar lawns with Guljit Kochhar. We boxed each other in the School Gym. We were in the Colts Hockey team together.
    We looked forward to his hospitality at the Oberoi Hotel for many years.
    Then he married Pinky, my wife’s class fellow and room mate at St Bedes. We stayed in touch for most of our lives.
    Wonderful chap. Salt of the Earth.

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